Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What Are You Reading?


For some reason I can't fathom I've had trouble concentrating when I read. Perhaps it's an offshoot to whatever kept me from blogging when I sat at the computer and stared at the screen. I don't feel particularly troubled. I'm sleeping okay, or as okay as a late sixties woman who needs to get up at least once during the night, and I'm getting a lot of exercise. The next choice for my book club is Paulette Jiles' News of the World. It's historical fiction -- a genre a very much enjoy -- it's short and it was a it was a 2016 National Book Award Nominee. I picked it up from the library a few days ago and I'm going to start reading it tomorrow. I'm not going to let it sit on my shelf picking up dust and lose my momentum to complete it. My goal is to finish it by Monday morning and return it to the library before the fines start clicking away.

I'm eager for more recommendations. I looked over the books I especially enjoyed last year and they were non-fiction and some were tough going. But they all held my interest and gave me something to reflect on. What are books you've particularly enjoyed this year?

I have kept up with my mystery reading and very much enjoyed Ian Rankin's Rather Be the Devil. One of my favorite detectives of all time, John Rebus, steps back into police work from retirement and the for those who like their mysteries darker, this story is well worth reading. I featured this title last month in Coffee Light and Mysteries (Mostly Noir).

It's been a quiet, but productive few days. I've been focused on reading and writing. I completely finished today's New York Times, did a blog post and caught up on some of my favorite blogs.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care. Wishes for a wonderful Wednesday.
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