Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pink Saturday Goes to the Double Dutch

Though the thermometer says it's still summer, it's autumn whenever I can find it. 

I wouldn't say I'm in a rut -- lots of new things on my schedule -- but I do have a pretty consistent pattern. The library, synagogue, Weight Watchers and the gym are all within a mile from where I live. This area includes two movie theaters, groceries and Central and Riverside Parks. But on Saturday I joined friends who live north of my mile area for coffee on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, which is the continuation of Central Park West, north of Central Park.
Per my friend Jennifer's recommendation we went to Double Dutch Espresso. Though it's October we were able to sit on the garden patio -- a luxury in Manhattan -- and enjoy good conversation and iced coffee. Though I haven't written about coffee very often this year, I'm still sampling new coffee places. There's an infinite array in New York City and I have a good dozen new places that I've enjoyed this year.  

I was reading a review of Double Dutch that criticized the array of coffee drinks. The last is more than adequate for me and I had my usual iced coffee. It was a solid B+ and worth the extra travel. My hairdresser is only a block away, so I'm actually in the neighborhood often enough to stop by and enjoy the brick wall ambience.  

I haven't seen "It," but the sign in front of the shop paid homage to the book and movie. 

A semi-selfie on the sidewalks of New York

It was a great weekend. Perfect weather, enough errands to feel caught up, time with friends, services and lots of good coffee. I even checked off flu shot from my list. I stopped at the walk-in clinic near my building first thing this morning and was in and out in less than ten minutes. I hope everyone else had a chance to relax and recharge this weekend, too.
I'm joining my Pink Saturday friends. Please stop by and meet some of the nicest bloggers in Internet Land. As ever, thanks for visiting and wishes for a happy week.     



liked your semi-selfie. double dutch looks like a nice place to visit. how nice you were able to sit outside to enjoy your coffee.

Chatty Crone said...

I love coffee! I bet New Yorkers are healthy in the fact they can walk to most places. Love your selfie.

Paula Kaye said...

I read the book It many years ago. It is creepy for sure! Sounds like good coffee!

Pam said...

Lots of good things here, Carol! That's a good variety of coffee! I've read "It," and there's no way I'm watching the movie! :-) Take care

Susie said...

Carol, Glad you are out and about loving your city. I won't watch that clown movie, no way. LOL. I loved seeing the coffee sign. So many to chose from. Blessings to you, we almost need a coat today. It's pretty and cold. xoxo, Susie