Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wedding Wednesday -- The Most Beautiful Bride of Summer, 2016

I know all brides are beautiful, but I also have learned that the brides of our heart are the most beautiful to us. There is a fabulous dress, perfect makeup and hair style, but mostly there is a glow of love and affection that gives the complete radiance of beauty. If we are very lucky -- and I was -- this glow settles over the wedding and those of us who share it. I was especially fortunate to share four days with friends who are family and celebrate Margaret and Joe's wedding. Margaret's mother and I met in fifth grade and to see her lovely daughter married was a sweet, sweet moment.

I took a lot of pictures, both of the festivities and the hotel and area in Old Saybrook, CT, where the wedding took place. Selecting photographs for this post was very difficult. Today's post features pictures of the wedding and I will do another post later in the week with photographs of Old Saybrook. 

The very beautiful bride and her handsome father.

The marina in Old Saybrook is in the background. The bridesmaids were lovely and so much fun to with which to spend time. The bride's mother, my dear friend, L. and Margaret's father are seated on the left, watching the ceremony.

Margaret and Joe wowed us with their first dance. They danced to a medley that included "Can't Help Falling in Love," one of my favorite songs.

Margaret changed to an adorable reception dress for the cake cutting and the dancing.

This was probably the most fun wedding cake I've ever had -- yes, funfetti! It was as delicious as it was pretty.




A gorgeous bride. A gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony. A FUN cake. How cool was that. I wish them both a lifetime of happiness. You took wonderful pictures. I know how thrilled you were to share special moment with your dear friends.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So lovely! Wishing the beautiful couple much happiness!

Simply Linda said...

So very beautiful, thank you for sharing. smiles

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Wow, what a beautiful bride, dress and location.

Pondside said...

You are right - she is a most beautiful bride! A wedding is such a wonderful time, especially when it is with old and loved friends. You must have had so much fun.

Paula Kaye said...

I just love weddings. And I love how they personalize them. Like with the wedding cake!!

ILLONA M Dubaldo said...

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and photos, Carol. It meant a great deal to me to have you celebrate with our family at this special time- and I consider you to be part of the family!