Thursday, July 28, 2016

(Almost) Back to Real Life Thursday

While my body is back in New York and my mind is here most of the time, there are moments when my heart drifts back to Saybrook. I know I promised a scenic post for later in the week, but couldn't resist adding one picture of morning on Long Island Sound to this post.  I love the shimmer of sunlight on the water in this picture.

I have any number of blog post ideas running through my mind, but nothing quite made one post today. Instead I'm sharing several things for kind of a random three Thursday. The food was wonderful over the weekend and I indulged. My particular indulgence were the homemade potato chips. I'm a potato chip fan and these were among the best I've ever had. One of the wait staff told me that the secret to their goodness was a sprinkling of malt powder. 
I spent time yesterday avoiding the heat with a visit to Williams Sonoma. I haven't been thinking about the fall, but came face to face with one of my fall favorites, pumpkin goodies. I've never seen caramel pumpkin butter, but I'm putting it on my list for a fall treat. Any other pumpkin fans here? 

We're just about at the midpoint of the summer and if your town has been experiencing the heat New York has, you're looking for programs for kiddos and grandkiddos that are indoors. Happily our friends at Fathom are offering a very fun event on Saturday, a screening of Barbie Star Light Adventure. It's a special one-day event, shown in theaters all over the country, perfect for Barbie fans and fans of space adventures. Just click the link for tickets and more information.

Those are the things floating through my mind -- Saybrook seascape, potato chips, pumpkin and Barbie. Yes, it's all light and fun, but call it a vacation in the midst of real life.

As ever, thanks so much visiting. Take care and keep cool!


Marilynn Smith said...

I love the picture of the Barbies! The girls come in every morning with their dolls and we play Barbies before they head off to camp. Try to stay cool in this miserable heat wave!

Theresa said...

I am not a pumpkin fan but will take a double portion of the potato chips:) Love that pretty scene, gorgeous! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The Barbies are very cute! And I've enjoyed looking over your wedding trip photos. She really is a most beautiful bride and I know you enjoyed your trip. It's always fun to get home and work on the photos you've taken, isn't it? Enjoy your day! Hugs!

Simply Linda said...

Putting up my hand for the pumpkin! Love anything/everything pumpkin...enjoyed your post, Saybrook is so lovely. Smiles


Love pumpkin butter. Autumn can not come too soon.