Wednesday, September 3, 2014

(Very Quick) Last Days of Summer Giveaway

Yes, white pants and all, I am clinging to these last days of summer. It's still hot and the rest of the week looks equally warm. But yet, I am facing the inevitability of autumn. I took off my turquoise toe nail polish and I took a good look at the sorry state of my summer t-shirts. I have to admit it's time for a change, even if I  am in my summer sandals. 

This woodland looking scene is actually on my block. 

After a few errands today I spent the afternoon reading and decluttering. I have made some real headway on the latter and that gives me such pleasure. I have a long way to go, but I am focusing on the progress I've made and not how much I still have to do. I discovered one more coupon for a medium Sonic Slush. I am happy to send it to the first person who leaves me a comment telling me that they would like it. It needs to go to a good home and I am pleased to make that happen. 

As always thanks for visiting and take good care! 



Love that woodland scene. It looks so rustic and peaceful.

Sola Scriptura said...

Well done with your decluttering. It is such a great feeling to let go of things you no longer use. You inspire me!

Anne Payne said...

I am in the middle of painting the kitchen and cabinets. Got the walls finished, now on the trim. It's a lot of work! The flowers are lovely but definitely look like autumn, which is just around the corner. Thanks for sharing a bit around your block :)

Theresa said...

I am going to break the rules this year and wear my white pants, I think:) If nobody claimed the coupon... I would like it:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Kerin said...

Beautiful picture!

Yes.. Fall is certainly coming, although it's hard to tell, with the warmer temps. we've been having...**haha**!

Smiles :)

Nellie said...

I've a Sonic coupon myself that I've had for awhile.:) There is one rather handy, but I just never think to stop.

Natalie Morales was wearing white on the Today Show on Monday, then again today. She looked lovely! I don't think any "fashion police" are going to come along.:) I say - dress so you are comfortable in your current temperatures!

Stephanie said...

Hi sweet Carol! How have you been? It seems like ages since I came for a visit - my apologies.

Your picture is lovely! Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend! Hugs!

Melinda said...

I really think the "white rule"
went out the window a long time ago.
More people are choosing to wear what
is comfy to them regardless of the season or "fashion rules."

You go girl!

M : )

Terra said...

Goodbye to turquoise toe nail polish for the season, and I do not need the Sonic coupon, but you are a sweetie to offer it.

Ida said...

I so need to de-clutter but just don't have the ambition to get started. What a lovely bunch of flowers.

Kate said...

Tim Gunn said the rule re white no longer applies. I love Tim Gunn.

Susie said...

Buttercup, I love the picture. I actually read a whole book last week. It was not one i would have picked to read. But i bought it and made myself read it. That's a start for me girl. I never even wore my white capris this summer. xoxo,Susie