Saturday, March 2, 2013

In Search of Spices...

...Over the River to Queens!

The City of New York has five boroughs and many, many neighborhoods. It's easy to think of New York as Manhattan and the theater district or Fifth Avenue and glamorous shopping, but that's a small part of the life of the city for the over eight million people who live here. It's very easy for me to get caught up in my own neighborhood in Manhattan, especially on weekends. Today I only stirred seven blocks from home and ran a few quick errands. Tomorrow won't get me more than a mile from home. But last Sunday I had an adventure, all of a few miles from home. 

I took the subway to Queens, to the neighborhood of Jackson Heights. I was in search of spices. Living in Manhattan is great, but it is expensive. I've been on a quest to replace the contents of my spice rack and found that a bottle of ginger in my local grocery was over six dollars and the same for curry powder. I realized that I could buy spices -- especially curry powder -- much less expensive and just as tasty, if not more so, in Jackson Heights, home to many people from South Asia. It is also home to many people from just about every part of the world and has wonderful grocery shopping. 

I wavered about going. The weather forecast was snow and rain. But happily the weather folks were wrong and my friend Mary and I hopped on the train. After lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant, Taj, Mary and I went in search of spices.

 We found interesting vegetables. Not sure what "Dudhi" is, but the kirby cukes and eggplant looked good. 

 There were many stores with clothing and jewelry. We got delayed on our spice expedition looking  at shawls and bracelets. 

I like all the pink at this stand. 

 I found my spices at this grocery, which had foods from all over the world. These cookies are from Brazil.

I've really taken to Pink Saturday. I find myself looking for all things pink to take pictures of. Please stop by How Sweet the Sound and see the very fun pink posts. 

I hope you had a sweet pink Saturday! 
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