Sunday, August 26, 2012

Buster, the Skate Boarding Bull Dog

My plan last night was to meet my friends at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's an easy bus ride to one of the great museums of the world and one of my favorite places to go. It's also one of the great people watching places in New York City. Now I can add it's also one of the great dog watching places in New York City. I waited for my friends on the steps of the museum and enjoyed the evening air, people watching and taking pictures. This is the scene that caught my eye.

The bulldog, for want of a proper name we'll call him Buster, is about to board a skate board. 

Watch Buster go! He's got a fan club on the right.

"I'm ready to ride again," says Buster.

Skate Board Champion Goes Home for Dinner

Thanks all, for your good wishes. Rest and Advil have been very helpful and I am feeling better. I relaxed today, too, but did get to the grocery store. I also did some decluttering and made a small dent in my book collection, which felt terrific.

I hope you enjoyed Buster's adventures as much as I did and your week is one of fun and happy surprise.  


Theresa said...

Go Buster! My Granddoggie needs a little exercise... Her name is BB and she is a Bulldog too! CUTE! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

Mimi said...

How awesome is that......great building....and fun people to watch and DOGS!!!!Did you get my text message about me seeing Kathy Griffith on the David Letterman show wearing that PINK dress you snapped her in??????Explains where and what she was doing!!!!!
Glad you are feeling better.
HUGS to you,


A skateboarding dog. AMAZING. My dad had a bulldog when he was a kid. Looks like a wonderful afternoon. Glad the advil and rest helped. take care.

Nellie said...

What fun!

Buttercup, thank you for your visit to my blog. I hope you will remember to take it easy as you prepare for that gathering of friends in the near future!

xo Nellie

Anonymous said...

What fun to see Buster perform! Happy to hear you are feeling better. Praying that you have a restful night and a good week.

Ms Sparrow said...

I just love all your street scenes of NYC!

Lynda said...

That is one brave dog. I don't have the balance for a skateboard and can't imagine coaching a pet onto one!!! In your last pic, what is the building in the background that is brown with the bluish roof? I love the architecture of it. Is it old or just made to look old?

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Buster looks pretty happy to be a skateboarder!

I have been de-cluttering myself as I prepare our house for sale--big job after living in the same house 36 years!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

People watching is a favorite thing of mine to do, but dog watching is a new one for me. I guess that dog's owner has taken the time to train him well. What fun! Glad you are feeling better and hope your Monday is a wonderful one!

Amrita said...

He is so cute

Maggid said...

I so enjoy our "little visits" - You always offer something marvelous - I come away with a lifted heart.
Be Well, Wonderful Friend . .
love & love,

Denise D Hammond, CGFM-Retired said...


I know how hard it is to take it easy, but I also have learned that doing so will make you feel better in the long run.

I hope you have a future with no back and leg pain. It takes time. Yoga has done wonders for me. My strength has improved along with my balance and flexibility. Just work at it steadily and slowly.

Pam said...

Way to go Buster! I also love people watching and art museums too, now I might have to check out dog watching!