Saturday, January 7, 2012

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

If I want my entry to look closer to this....

I need to declutter a lot of this!

I've had a warm and close relationship with magazines since I started reading "Highlights for Children" in third grade. We've spent a lot of time to together and had a lot of laughs, but I think we may need to break up. A portion of my clutter comes from too many magazines coming into my apartment, not being read and not leaving. Magazines, you need to leave! I'd save copies to clip articles, but with the internet I rarely go back to articles I've clipped. If I don't do something I've read about immediately the odds are that I won't in the future. I've cancelled my subscription to "New York" and "New Yorker," but I need to reexamine everything I subscribe to, including "The New York Times," which has been a really good friend for decades. I don't think I'm ready to break up with the Times, but this is the moment to think about our relationship. Does anyone else have trouble throwing out magazines and newspapers? 

No Spending January is going well. Not one ounce of new clutter came into my apartment today and my goal for tonight is a bag of paper will go out. My goal for water has been less successful, but there's still almost six hours in the day. I can chug water for several hours and still sleep.

It was a glorious day in New York City today, sunny and in the sixties. Started the day with services, had lunch with friends, and finished the afternoon with a trip to the hairdresser. Walked everywhere and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Hope your Saturday was sweet, too!


Theresa said...

OH YES I sure do have a problem throwing magazines out! I recycle the newspapers so that isn't an issue, get it? ISSUE:) hehe

I have magazines everywhere! I also say that I am going back and clipping something or trying something BUT I don't! I need to find somebody to give the magazines to or recycle them another way!

Enjoy your evening! I'll report back if I actually do anything with my magazines:) HUGS!

Ms Sparrow said...

I volunteer at a clinic, so when I can't stand the piles of magazines anymore, I bring them in and place them in the waiting areas.

Bernie said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday, we are having a mild winter here as well and I for one am enjoying it very much...Hugs

Anonymous said...

Do you have an ipad or nook like apperatus? If so you can get magazine AND news paper subscriptions digitally--you can keep them as long as you like and NO clutter! Just a thought!

Country Whispers said...

I'm horrible about magazines but in the reverse of you.
When I bring a magazine in I read it ASAP and if I don't and it sits around very long then I toss it or give it to someone else.
I can't stand to look at clutter.
My rule(on anything) is that if it hasn't been used in the past three months then it's not going to get used at all. It then goes to the yardsale pile. If I haven't dug it back out of that pile by the time my yardsale rolls around then it gets sold.
My favorite saying is "less is more".

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Love your no spend January posts. I used to get a lot of mags too but now just borrow from library and only buy a few favorites here and there as a treat.

Marydon said...

Well, Carol, you know what my house looks like for books, mags etc. Oy!
Have a great weekend

LDH said...

I have a magazine basket that is over flowing and I still can't seem to get to them. For some reason, reading November issues just doesn't sound as exciting as it did in November.

The mirror and table in the first photo is really beautiful! Bright and tidy! Of course, the reflection of the giant windows helps add to the brightness too :)

Your day in New York City sounded like a perfect one!


I hear you. Been there, done that. My house used to be a clutter with magazines and newspapers. They were on the tables, the counters, the floor, the bed, next to the toilet.... every surface area was covered. NOW we read magazines and newspapers online. Although I confess to getting The New York Times on Sundays. It's hard to part with them I know. UNFORTUNATELY for me, all those previously cluttered spaces are now cradling my collection of BOOKS. Piles of BOOKS adorn every nook and crany of my house, even though I have a Kindle. Maybe this is the year, that changes? Or maybe not. LOL Take care. GOOD LUCK with your collection.

Lynda said...

I think I may have told you that I will either scan or type something that interests me to keep and then file it. I do love a magazine in my hands rather than reading it all on the computer. You can't curl up with a computer like you do a book.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

It sounds like you had a beautiful day. I buy less and less magazines these days except for a few long time favorites and i still have quite a collection. They are so hard to part with.

Catherine Denton said...

Ahh, I know the love of magazines. I've had to bid many farewell.

Thanks for the follow. :)

Marie said...

Oh sheesh . . . we must be twins! I have long had a love affair with magazines. I once had tons of Country Living and managed one year to purge myself of them . . . now it is cooking magazines, as a girl it was tigerbeat or 16. I am not sure if there is a cure available. lol

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't have any magazines around anymore. Most everything I read is on the internet it seems. I don't even get the newspapers anymore. That does save a lot of clutter. I do like the picture of the entry way there. Here you pretty much walk into the front room. I would love to have an entryway.

Sheilagh said...

And my husband thinks I am the only magazine, I need to show him this post:)

2012 is declutter year for me so hoping I can deal with my addiction as painlessly as possible.



Sybil said...

What a wonderful spend January...I do hope you can keep to it, so far you seem to be doing wonderfully well... Can't say I am tooooo bad collecting magazines, don't actually buy any Mary gets them for me !! that's my excuse so I have to read tham and keep for a wee while, hopefully if a friend visits there are some mags lying about and they help by removing them !!
Keep throwing, Love Sybil xx

Loretta said...

Love love my magazines...I can't throw them away because I am always going back to check out something. You see, I put a post- it at the top of the page with a little note on it...that way, I can just take what I need without having them all over the place! They are stored in a large basket!
I love the photo at the onset of your post. Have a great week to come! Hugs Loretta

Mevely317 said...

My books, magazines and half-finished crosswords are Friends!

When I pulled up roots and moved, most went away ... then I married to someone whose collection (WAS) out-a control. Go figure!

Love your no-spend January, exercise. I tried someone similar a few years ago where I'd only allow myself to use cash (vs. debit/credit cards). Talk about uncomfortable(!) not being able to spend a cent more than was in my purse.

Have yourself a sunny week!


PS - I get such a kick out of your posts' titles, Carol! Guessing you enjoy creating them as much as writing the body?

Chatty Crone said...

No spending January - what a great idea. I think I will start now too!


Country Dreaming said...

I have the same issue with magazines that you do! But--I read mine,get the info I need and off to work they go with me. This way those that I work iwth can read them. When it's time they can be recycled again with our recycling progam that the school didtrict does.