Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Is It an Earthquake of Merely a Shock...

...Or is what I feel the real mccoy?" 

Greetings from Stinkweed, Buttercup's alter ego. The mini-real mccoy of  the earthquake and a power blackout in Buttercup's workplace this morning has completely tired out Buttercup. She hadn't gotten over the moment of realizing that her desk chair was moving from side-to-side yesterday when the power went out at the office this morning. It came back in just a few minutes, but not before shorting out the phone system, which sent the call center (a big part of Buttercup's work world) and Buttercup into a tizzy.  It's been quite a forty-eight hours for our sweet little yellow flower and Buttercup still needs to do the album of the wedding pictures and a little shopping in anticipation of Hurricane Irene's possible arrival over the weekend. Buttercup's thoughts before she lapsed into sleep were "Out to sea, Irene, out to sea."  


Country Whispers said...

Cute post!
A little shaking caused a lot of chaos all over the east coast. Hope your day tomorrow is better and I'll help you to wish Irene on out to sea.

Country Dreaming said...

Goodness wgat a time you all are having!
Hopefully things will settle down soon.
Good Luck with Irene--maybe she'll be too tired when she gets to your neck of the woods.


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the panic felt in New York! Glad to hear that other than a lack of sleep that you're OK!!!

Kathleen said...

We were out on the porch and the chairs were rocking on thier own! It was strange!
I hope Irene fizzles out!

Mevely317 said...

Stinkweed???!!!! ...Your opening had me laughing out loud.
All the same, serious business.
'rene, 'rene go away ... come again some other day.

Marie said...

So glad you're ok buttercup!! Scary stuff. Nice to be able to put a humourous slant on it though! Well done! xxoo

Sheilagh said...

Oh Boy, I bet that was scarey. I don't know where I had my head over the past couple of days but I only learnt of the quake this morning!!


Sheilagh & Ralph

TheNote said...

Thinking of You.
Sending Love,

Sybil said...

So glad to see your write up ! I have been thinking about you a lot last couple of days..Glad though that you are all ok, if a bit "shook up"
Love Sybil xx

Kate said...

Hurricane Irene is making me nervous for so many people. I hope it heads out to sea before NYC, too. It's hard to hold our breath for you, but we are. I don't think I'll be able to take a deep breath until we know this is over.
Take care. K

Debra said...

You guys are sure getting your fair share of trials! Hopefully, Irene will blow out to sea. Will be keeping you in my prayers.


Mimi said...

WOW, you are going to get to witness 2 of nature's Best all in ONE WEEK!!!|
TAKE CARE of yourself, be ready, stay safe and enjoy the ride or do you have to evacuate?????
I hope you get some pics to share with us desert dwellers!!!
But be safe!!

Marydon said...

Have missed you Carol. Be safe, take good care ... you will get more than we do. The earthquake was such a fizzle ...

Love the wedding photos, so beautiful a day & perfect setting. I love the natural vs. the fluff & stuff weddings. May they be blessed with many happy years.

We just returned from our trip, posting daily. Putting away the luggage for a wee bit but reorganizing is a challenge right now.

Have a great weekend ~

Ms Sparrow said...

So sorry that your place of home and security has been threatened twice!
Since both events are rare, just ride out the storm and settle in for a peaceful autumn.

Sybil said...

Hi Carol, just to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you and all those you love at this time. Hope that you are safe and sound. Had a word from friend in Norfolk Virginia and they are in a bad way...have been watching CNN on Tv most of the day watching Irene approach you all.
God Bless, Love sybil xx

Lynda said...

You all sure are having a rough week. All this right before your surgery, too! People are praying for the storm to head out to sea before it hits NYC too hard.