Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday in New York

Good morning! It's a very gray and rainy Sunday in New York. Yesterday was spent with friends, but today is set aside for errands. I'm going to the bank to make a deposit, to Sym's -- a great discount store downtown -- to return shorts I bought on Monday and look for summer tops (if I have the wherewith all I will look for summer shoes), do laundry, buy groceries and drop off a gift for Hannah, my college room mate's daughter. If the weather clears up I will take some photos of lower Manhattan to show for "10 Favorite Places". There are blogs to read, a few phone calls to make, the Sunday NY Times to read and crossword to do and I'd like to make a few birthday cards and need to clear off the table to bring out my card making materials.

What is everyone else doing today? I know will be cooking something terrific and has some cute chicken graphics to share. Any recipes to share? Anyone else making cards? Whatever you're doing, have a wonderful day!


Robyn said...

I love your blog, Anne! Today, we went around fixing fence posts to keep the horses in. Oh and we had a wonderful lunch! :)

Country Whispers said... were right! It seems I'm always in the kitchen or doing chores. I really need to set aside more time for the "me" things like sewing, crafting, reading, etc. My sister-in-law showed me today her version of a philly cheesesteak sandwich and boy was it good. One of these days I'll have to share with everyone. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Homemakers Tales said...

Hi Ya .... We went and visited Big Al's niece on her birthday we took some cream cakes a treat and eat them in her rather lovely country garden we left there about 6 15 and headed down west Cornwall ..St Austell 40 miles away to collect Ben who was in respite for the weekend is may bank holiday her in England its cold gray and windy ...i,m indoors crocheting and watching the classic .....In search of the castaways ..with Hayley Mills .....Love it ...Kieren x x

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

ARGH, why does my feed not show updates on time? Wah. I'm late to the party...but it sounds like you had a good mellow day and still got alot done! I didn't know you liked to make cards! That is a wonderful talent!