Saturday, May 2, 2009

Movie Mania

Whatever gremlins were lurking in my camera seem now to have headed out for parts unknown and I am pleased to share photos of the filming of "The Baster." Unfortunately in the number of times I walked by there wasn't any filming and actually there were very few people entering or leaving any of the vehicles parked on Broadway all week, but I am assuming some filming went on. The yellow sign in the bottom photo delights me, because I see it and know a movie or television show is being filmed, but for anyone looking to park on the street it strikes despair, as they know that's a few less parking spaces.
Now, lest anyone think life in New York is just about movies or celebrities...Wouldn't that be fun? I think that's someone else's life in New York City. My life is more about work, grocery shopping, seeing friends, going to book club, all the things that make up life anywhere. But I do get "celebrity spotting" moments, like seeing Isabella Rosselini in the elevator in my building about a year ago (She is beautiful!) or Wynton Marsalis in a restaurant on West 65th St. this afternoon. Mr. Marsalis very graciously signed an autograph for a friend's son who is a high school trumpet player. Didn't get a picture. Buttercup isn't about to turn into a paparazzi...At least not yet!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Glad the camera is working again! I never know why these electronics get their little "spells" but I'm always glad when they magically fix themselves.

Maybe they will be doing a lot of filming starting Monday?

I do think life in a big place like New York would be hard. You have to have a lot more skills to live in a big place like that than in West Texas. We got it pretty easy out here. Easy, but boring...