Tuesday, December 3, 2019

It's Christmas Time at Columbus Circle

The view from (the Time Warner Center at) Columbus Circle looking east. You can see the faint remains of snowflakes from yesterday's storm.

I gauge my winter activities by the weather conditions. Today was cold, but clear and the sidewalks and street crossings, a big challenge in bad weather, were fine.  I made it to Yoga class, to the post office and to Columbus Circle. Actually, this was not a big challenge. It's three stops on the subway to Yoga and then four more blocks to the post office and Columbus Circle. I'm going to share a secret, New York friends, the nicest post office in Manhattan is only a block from this view. 

Love the decorations at the Time Warner Center. The atrium is filled with Moravian stars that
 change color. They're especially pretty at night, with holiday music playing in the background.   

Chocolate or not-chocolate croissant? What's your pleasure?

While I was exploring the Time Warner Center this afternoon I took a quick detour at Bouchon Bakery, one of my favorite spots for a snack or lunch in the area. The food is great and the view of Columbus Circle -- as shown in the top picture -- never disappoints. I was only planning a cup of coffee, but the line discouraged me and happily, kept me from any pastry temptation. I did take a few photographs of my favorite goodies and decided to share them with Buttercupland. Aren't these the flakiest, most delicious-looking croissants? The only problem is choosing chocolate or not-chocolate. Of course we don't have to choose. Let's get both and split them between us, with a nice cafe latte.     

The croissants inaugurate a new feature in Buttercupland, New York Yummies. At least once a week I'm going to feature a yummy New York food. Since it's December I'm going to be on the lookout for holiday favorites. I hope you'll enjoy this sweet new feature. 

Next time in Buttercupland our focus is on romance. Intrigued? Please stop by for the fun!

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care. 



i love the Moravian stars. i have a linen colored one that is a light fixture in my bedroom. the baked goods sound tempting. i'll look forward to your next posts. they sound intriguing.

Laurel Wood said...

I love your photos. The stars are so pretty. How I love coffee and a treat. I look forward to your new feature! Thanks for sharing part of your world with us.

Deanna Rabe said...

Such beautiful stars! Those croissants are so tempting!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As I have a sweet tooth, I love the new addition to your posts. Too bad the line prevented your participation. But December is just beginning. Better luck next time.

Sue said...

Oh my, those croissants, looks so delicious, I agree one of each!. The Time Warner Center is decorated so beautifully!
Looking forward to you sharing recipes, and the post on romance.
Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment.

Chatty Crone said...

I'll take the chocolate one.
So speaking of subways - I assume you take them all the time - do you buy monthly passes or pay daily.
THe world beautiful NYC is at your fingertips - awesome.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Since I can't get to any of these places for the month of December I am enjoying all of the festive places you are visiting. The stars are so pretty and that bakery looks awesome. Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.