Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rockefeller Center

For our "R" post of A to Z Blogging Challenge we're going to one of the most iconic sites in Manhattan, Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center was John D. Rockefeller's legacy to New York City. Completed in May, 1933 the immense project employed over 40,000 people during its construction, which was a major source of employment at the depth of the Depression. The legendary Christmas Tree Tradition began in 1931 and the icing skating rink opened in 1936. 

Prometheus stands guard over the icing skating rink. The statue is the work of the American sculptor, Paul Manship. One of the aspects of Rockefeller Center that deserves its own post is the range of sculpture, mosaic and murals that are a large part of the complex. Prometheus is only one very small -- but outstanding -- part of the art collection found here.  

I love the topiary rabbits in the spring, the chrysanthemum displays in the fall and the Christmas decorations at the end of the year. My first job in New York was two blocks away and I was a frequent visitor during my lunch hours.
The NBC Studios are located in Rockefeller Center.
A theater was planned as part of Rockefeller Center. However, the theater was conceived as one like no other in the world. The new radio company, RCA (Radio Corporation of America) joined with Rockefeller and Samuel Roxy Rothafel, who had previously opened the Roxy Theater to create what would become a legendary attraction.      

The 6,000 seat art deco Radio City Music Hall opened in December 1932. In January 1933 the format of a movie and a stage show with the Rockettes was adopted. I have wonderful memories of visiting New York with my parents. My big treat was lunch at the automat and seeing a movie and the show at Radio City.   

It's very soon to be April 27 and despite my good intentions it's highly unlikely I will finish the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April. I will post some of the last eight letters of the alphabet in April, but the remainder of posts will be published in May. For anyone keeping track, that includes the missing "H."

Our next stop will be the newest subway stations in the system, the Second Avenue subway. I hope you will join us for the most artistic ride in the city.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Rockefeller Center is one of my favorite places for in NYC. I also remember that, when I was a girl my parents would take us to see a movie and a show at Radio City Music Hall. It was usually around the holidays, Christmas and Easter, and they are special memories. I was disappointed a few years ago when I took my granddaughter to RCMH and thought it did not look as splendid as I remember. Inside the theater, the curtains and the stage was covered with advertisements for Chase. It made me sad but my granddaughter did not notice and enjoyed the show very much.

Theresa said...

What a beautiful post! It makes me wanna go there SO bad! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

lissa said...

it's always crowded over there even on the coldest day... haven't seen a show at Radio City but it's on my list

have a lovely day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do relate Rockefeller Center to the famous Christmas Tree but how could I forget Radio Center Music Hall and the Rockettes! What a great place it would be to visit!

Dee said...

Dear Carol, so good to return to blogging and to find a wonderful posting on Rockefeller Center. I've never been to New York to see it, but I've got that on my bucket list.

And I so liked your highlighting the "automat." I can remember going to it here in Kansas City when I was a child. Mom would take me downtown to see a movie for my birthday and then we would go to the "Forum," which was the name of the automat. It seems a wonder land to me with all the colors of the rainbow displayed in the jello offerings! What a good memory you brought back. Peace.


There is so much more to Rockefeller Center than just Christmas. I would love to visit in person. though this brief tour was nice.

Paula Kaye said...

I have missed so much by not making the rounds of A to Z Challenge. I will have to go back and delve into your fun posts!!

Susie said...

Carol, I love seeing this. I have been there and oh how I want to go back. I loved all that I could see. We never got to see the Today show people. But toured the NBC studios. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Melinda said...

This would be one of the places to visit if I ever get there beside seeing you hopefully : )

I lumped the last of my letters into one post because I was
so done with the challenge. It worked out pretty good but I'm
glad to get back to "regular programming."

Stop by sometime, miss seeing you.

M : )