Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery, once a place of rural repose, now in the middle of Brooklyn. 

The entrance to Green-Wood, completed in 1865. During this period Green-Wood was the second most popular tourist destination in America, second to Niagara Falls.

We're returning to Brooklyn for a visit to Green-Wood Cemetery. Completed in 1838, in what then was the far reaches of Brooklyn. Churchyards throughout the city had little space left and situating a large park-like cemetery in rural Brooklyn was the solution. It is the final resting place of Horace Greeley, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Boss Tweed and more recently, Leonard Bernstein. It predates both Central Park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn and was a popular site for picnics. It is still a beautiful place to visit and there is an active calendar of historic programs and events. It is easy to reach via mass transit.

A quiet summer afternoon at Green-Wood. 

It is also the site of the Battle of Long Island -- also known as the Battle of Brooklyn in New York City -- which was a critical battle in the Revolutionary War. The picture above is from a commemoration I went to last summer on the 240th anniversary of the battle.

I've gotten somewhat behind on my Blogging from A to Z Challenge, but I will be finishing the Challenge and the alphabet. No letter will be neglected.

As ever, thanks for visiting and please join me next for a post about Alexander Hamilton. 

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