Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Waterlogue Love

I haven't finished this year's cards, but I'm already thinking about cards for next year.
A couple of days ago I posted a picture of Stowe on Facebook.  One of the comments was the photograph turned into a "watercolor" via the app, Waterlogue. I was taken with it and quicker than you can say $3.99 I had visited the app store and Waterlogue was mine. I've spent the last few days turning photographs into watercolors and I am hooked. I love my photographs, but I also love my watercolors. I quickly learned that every photograph doesn't translate well to water color and some very average photographs look great as water colors. It's one of my favorite mediums and one that, alas, I have no talent for.  
This is the window of a restaurant in the neighborhood. I find myself drawn to simpler decorations this year and a wreath with red ribbon catches my eye, whether in Manhattan or snowy Stowe.

The winner of "Winter Sky" is my blogger buddy, Missy. Missy, I'll be sending your copy to you right after Christmas and things are a little calmer at the Post Office. I wish I had copies to send everyone who left a comment on the post. Again, many thanks to my friends at Shadow Mountain for the opportunity to share "Winter Sky" with Buttercupland.

As ever, thanks for visiting. Have a cup of tea, keep cozy and look for light in the winter sky.  


Mildred said...

Good Morning, Carol. I am thrilled to have won! Thank you so very much.

I love the watercolor edit to your beautiful photos. How fun that must be!

You have certainly made my day. Thank you again and I hope you have an enjoyable day.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love using waterlogue too and need to remember to use it for some Christmas photos! How beautiful yours look. And congrats to your winner! Hugs!


I love that first picture. It is charming for sure.

Anne Payne said...

I love the water coloring of your photograph! I have been looking for an app to do this with. I'll have to look into waterlogue. Thanks for sharing, Carol!
Mery Christmas!!!

Melinda said...

Such fun! They look great.

Thank you for the beautiful card. Mr. Ken and I both loved it.

Will have anew post at Dreaming son. Come on by.

M : )

Devilish Angel said...

First one is very nice...