Sunday, October 2, 2016

Jerusalem Exhibit Pink Saturday

Two of my favorite people at one of my favorite places. 

This week's visit to Pink Saturday takes us to the  Metropolitan Museum of Art and the exhibit that just opened there, Jerusalem 1000-1400, Every People Under Heaven. I had the great fortune to share this visit to the museum with my dear friends, Lura and John, during their visit to New York City. Lura and I met over five years ago via our blogs and our friendship has become one where we have had the opportunity to spend time together, both in California and very recently, here in New York. 
We chose a visit to the Metropolitan Museum and were fortunate that the day we were there included a preview of this exhibit. We had the opportunity to time travel to Jerusalem in the early part of the last millennium and view an extraordinary array of artifacts from the period.

The array of pieces on exhibit was drawn from collections all over the world. This beautiful piece is the Chasse of Ambazac. Though made in Limoges it was chosen as it evoked the Middle East.

This display featured both jewels and glass pieces. I especially was enthralled by the glass on display. It had survived centuries and in many cases pieces had been painstakingly put together.

This French knight of the d'Aluye family dates from 1248.
Each item on display in the exhibit was well worth seeing. There were pieces from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions and we spent several hours visiting the exhibit and didn't see everything. I know I need a return visit and only wish that Lura and John could join me, but they are now back at home thousands of miles away.

Thanks for sharing our museum day. As ever, thanks for visiting and have a sweet Sunday!


Grammy Staffy said...

Dearest Carol our hearts are still full of joy and thankfulness for the wonderful day we spent with you sweet friend. This exhibit and the whole museum were amazing but the best part was being with you!!! Thanks again for everything. We will treasure these memories forever. Now it is your turn to come to Cali and let us spoil you����

Mevely317 said...

My goodness, but the clarity of your photos is amazing! I can only imagine the sense of awe, seeing those pieces with your own eyes.
As ever, I appreciate you sharing your city with us.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I don't often get a chance to visit the museum when I am in NY, but when I have, it is always a wonderful experience. I am on their catelog list and have gotten a few nice things for myself and others.

Annesphamily said...

A really interesting share. I imagine you were thrilled to be so up close and see these beautiful treaures. You are always so fn to take us on your NYC travels. Thank you.