Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween on the Sidewalks of New York

Who you gonna call on Halloween? Ghost Busters!

I know decorating for Halloween has become very popular throughout America, but the trend didn't seem to catch on in New York City. It was rare to see a residential building that was decorated in Manhattan. But that now seems to be history. This year it seems that there are decorations on every block, and there is a street on the Upper West Side that takes Halloween decorations to another level. I read an article about it and Lonni and I walked over yesterday to see the "Halloween Street", West 69th Street between Broadway and Central Park West. 

Batman comes to Gotham City

Movie themes were popular and I really enjoyed seeing the different ways they were presented. The Ghostbusters vehicle caught my eye immediately and I enjoyed the Batman and Zootopia themes, too. I'm not a big fan of the ultra-scary and I liked the gentler, funnier themes.
Halloween with the residents of Zootopia 
But I know for many people Halloween is all about being scared. While I will visit a corn maze for fun, there are a dozen people searching for the eeriest haunted houses they can find. There were a number of scary themed displays, including this one. I was chatting with another visitor to the street who commented that this house looked like it was a setting for the television show, "Dexter."    

If there are zombie fans in Buttercupland -- which seems like an oxymoron -- this photograph is for you.

There were lots of spider webs and this one is my favorite.

This last picture seemed to be a good combination of all things Halloween and a good way to end this post.  It's just a little scary and a lot of harvest.  Just the right photograph for this blogger happily home drinking decaf coffee with pumpkin spice syrup.  

Happy Halloween!


Nellie said...

Wow!! Marvelous decorations!! I've never been to NYC; guess I should put that on my bucket list.:-)

Theresa said...

Oh dear, those are great decorations! Have a blessed and beautiful first day of November! HUGS!

Paula Kaye said...

Great decorations!!

Ruthie Burckard said...

Fun fun fun.

Susie said...

Buttercup , I am just not a big fan of Halloween decorations that are over the top. I usually decorate for the seasons and at Christmas and 4th of July somewhat. I hate those spider web things...people leave those up till Christmas. LOL. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie