Sunday, August 28, 2016

Battle of Brooklyn Pink Saturday

Wonderful exhibits on Life in the Revolutionary Era were part of today's commemoration of the Battle of Brooklyn. 

I've been fortunate this summer and had the opportunity to experience just about all of the goals I had for this summer. I had some great times with people close to me -- always at the top of my list -- traveled, enjoyed beach time and finally got to yoga classes. There are the ongoing long-term goals of doing a little home redecorating and more writing, but it's been a great summer. I was thinking about the summer yesterday and remembered one goal I hadn't gotten to doing. I had hoped to explore sites related to the Battle of Brooklyn -- the first battle of the Revolutionary War -- but the heat had sidetracked some of the excursions I'd planned around New York City.

I turned to my friend, Google, last night and discovered that the 240th anniversary of the Battle was yesterday. Equally fortuitous Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, the site of the battle, was holding a commemoration today. Though it was hotter than I would have liked I made the trip to Green-Wood, one of the most interesting historical sites in New York City.

The main gate of Green-Wood Cemetery. In the far distance is the World Trade Tower in Manhattan. 

Green-Wood was founded in 1838, in area that was rural Brooklyn. It became the burial place for many famous New Yorkers, from Boss Tweed to Louis Comfort Tiffany to Leonard Bernstein. Now a National Historic Landmark, it is still in use and there are areas where present day New Yorkers can be buried. It is beautifully cared for and well preserved. The city of Brooklyn and then the borough of Brooklyn grew up around it and there is a subway stop only a block away from the main gate. I enjoyed both the beauty and the history and am already planning a return trip in the fall for more exploration.   
Sadly, the first battle of the Revolutionary War did not go well for the American troops. Outnumbered by the better equipped British troops, their losses were high and by mid-September New York had fallen to the British. But 240 years and a day ago they took a stand on this hill in Brooklyn.  
I've got a few blog posts lined up for this week. There will be a book review tomorrow and I've got some beautiful pictures of the Thousand Island Historic Park for a post later in the week. There are several other summer experiences I want to share before the days pass and it's all pumpkins and apples. Please stop by at Pink Saturday for more end of summer fun.
As ever, thanks for visiting and take care and savor these sweet last days before Labor Day.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I have never heard of that cemetery and am glad you wrote about it. What a magnificent entrance it has.

Theresa said...

I wanna go to that cemetery when I visit:) I have enjoyed traveling with you this Summer... virtually:) Have a blessed day dear Carol, HUGS!

Mimi said...

Oh, my goodness. That entrance looks like a gate into heaven!

Deanna Rabe said...

I love history and would love to visit that cemetery! Next time we come to New York, I'll have to get you to act as tour guide!

Bj Pup said...

Must have been fun.


That main gate of Green-Wood Cemetery is spectacular indeed. Love it.