Saturday, July 2, 2016

I Love Mackinac Island


When I'm asked what I blog about, my response is short. I write about (my) life in New York City, books and coffee, and though I've never done an analysis, that is the content of about ninety per cent of my posts. But there are times that I leave New York. The fourth topic I like to write about is travel and the places that I am fortunate to visit.  One of the places that I long wanted to visit is Mackinac Island, and last weekend I got my wish. I've already done a post, but in my too short stay there were so many great pictures. I'm only going to share a few of the place that caught my heart. 

This is an art gallery in the center of town. Cars were banned in the nineteenth century and bikes and horses are the mainstays of transportations.

This is the early morning looking to the boat docks. The clouds are as beautiful as any I've ever seen.

I couldn't do a photo recap of my visit without sharing a picture of the Grand Hotel, built in 1887. It was the setting for the movie "Somewhere in Time," and is both imposing and charming, with beautiful grounds. It was well out of my budget for this trip, but I definitely had to see it.

Mackinac Island is surrounded by Lake Huron and the Straits of Mackinac, with beautiful views in every direction. This is one view of Lake Huron, taken during one lunch.

This is another view of Lake Huron. I took a long walk -- actually miles -- while I was there enjoying every inch of the scenery.

Later in the day I enjoyed sitting in the waterside park, with a view of the harbor. The sun had come out and it was relaxation at its finest.

I took this picture waiting for the ferry back to Mackinaw City. It's the Hotel Iroquois, and alas, I didn't stay here either. I did get to eat lunch here -- fabulous -- and took the picture of the kites and Lake Huron while seated on the patio. It's even lovelier in person and the fabulous gardens complete the ambience.

This is just a quick hop through my visit to Mackinac Island. I'm planning to share pictures of some of the island's churches tomorrow. On other days there will be posts about fudge-making (the main tourist purchase), Fourth of July decorations and on Coffee Light and Mysteries (Mostly) Noir, I'll be featuring mysteries set in Mackinac. Mackinac isn't easy to get to, but so worth visiting.

I hope all of Buttercupland is enjoying the long weekend. As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care!



Marilynn Smith said...

We will (hopefully) be taking advantage of your hotel research in the future. What beautiful scenery! It all seems very elegant! Looking forward to more posts!

Terra Hangen said...

Oh Buttercup, I like your photos of Mackinac Island, which remind me of visiting there when I was a child.

Maggid said...

spectacular photos!!! WOW!!!
Thank you so much for sharing.

Simply Linda said...

Beautiful....thank you for sharing. Have a joyful day, friend.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My husband comes from Michigan and we lived there for a couple of years. We planned on going to Mackinac Island, but life interfered and never got there. From your pictures, I see that I missed something very lovely.

Melinda said...

So pretty.
Looks like you are having a blast!

Happy 4th!

M : )

Pam said...

Beautiful place and fortunately not too far from us. Sounds like you had a great time!

Mevely317 said...

Your photos look like picture postcards ... envious!
My parents and I took a Great Lakes cruise in '64(?) and briefly visited the island. Unfortunately, all I recall were rows upon rows of rocking chairs at the Grand Hotel.

Marian Green said...

Lovely photos...


A beautiful travel destination. Glad you enjoyed your visit. HAPPY 4th of July.

~Kristen~ said...

Beautiful! I would love to visit this area some time.

I have been away from my blog for a while but have some amazing posts of my travels to catch up on. I love reading about your "NYC life" and enjoy what you share. Have a great 4th.

Paula Kaye said...

What a fabulous place. I love the picture will all the kites. I enjoy your travels!!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

What a wonderful place to travel to and visit! Thanks for sharing about this place! Thanks to for the visit today and sweet comment on my makeup post!
Stay cool and enjoy the week.