Wednesday, May 4, 2016

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday

This has been the weather in New York for the last few days, cold, rainy and dreary. I'm wearing corduroy and a wool sweater and I'm not too hot. The calendar says May, but the weather says November. Happily, the next month is June and not December.

I've been remiss, actually very remiss. On the last day of March I posted a Surprise Giveaway from Peru. I got very caught up in my coffee reveling and alas, didn't post the winner. Bad Buttercup! I'm going to send this handmade change purse -- my photography doesn't do the colors of the weaving justice -- to Mimi of The Grandmother Gig.  I always enjoy my visits there and especially like her recipes. Today's post is about homemade jam and I'm all set to run out for strawberries.

Hoping there's sunshine where you are. As ever thanks for visiting and take good care!
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