Saturday, April 30, 2016

X = Cost

This writer/journalist/blogger appreciates questions and this post is an answer to a question posed by Susie at She Junks. Susie, who lives in Indiana -- and writes a great blog about her life there -- asked about the price of a cup of coffee in New York City. During my travels around the city I took a few pictures to answer this question.

Life in New York City, especially Manhattan and Brownstone Brooklyn, is expensive. No question. A cup of hot coffee at my local cart is a dollar and the iced coffee is two dollars. Zaro's -- which will be our stop for "Z" was pricier than I expected when I looked at the prices. At my local spot, Tal's, where I am a regular, the price of iced coffee is two dollars and seventy five cents.
I passed a very upscale Starbuck's near Penn Station this week and got a picture of the prices of their single source brands. The places the coffee is imported from include East Timor, Malawi and Burundi and a cup of hot coffee starts at three dollars and fifty cents. Pricy, yes, but not totally out of the norm for single source. Though I'm not keen on "S" coffee I'd like to return to try one of these Reserve Coffees.

My friend Deborah was visiting from North Carolina and we went to  Gregory's, both for location and my desire to try the San Fernando coffee from Peru, one of their single origin coffees. My cup of San Fernando, ordered as an iced Americano was three dollars and ninety five cents. I think this may have been my most expensive coffee of the month.  

I was fascinated by the process. It took at least five minutes for the coffee to be made and it was worth it. It was not a big glass, but what it lacked in size it made up in flavor. I am giving my San Fernando an A-. It was a terrific glass of iced coffee.  

It's practically winter again in New York, and despite the cold I'm off to an outdoors craft fair. I'll be back later for our visits to Yorkville and a return to Zaro's.

So much coffee and just ten hours to go for the Challenge.  As ever, thanks for visiting and keep sipping.


Paula said...

Egads! Expensive to drink coffee out. I really don't know how that would compare to Kansas since I never go out for coffee! I very much enjoyed all of your challenge. Such a nifty treat to go along with you!!

Susie said...

Carol, Thank you so much for posting the prices...I better bring some money when I want coffee there.:):) It's a good thing you stretched you coffee taste testing out or your hair would be standing on end. LOL. I will say I do like to try new things....that's why there should be small taste test know like your meds would be passed in at the hospital...just a nip. I would be ever so mad if I spend 3-4 dollars for a coffee and could not bear to drink it. I do say, a strong cup beats a weak cup all to pieces, because you can water it down if need be or add milk , cream , or sugars...but a weak cup is the worst. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
P.S. what are you going to test for us next time? lol.

shortybear said...

good post

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My granddaughters enjoy going to Starbucks and a trip there is often a part of a day with grandmom. At first I was stunned by the prices but a day spent with them was worth the cost.

The real estate in NY is much higher and reflected in everything bought. However, having all those wonderful choices makes life more interesting.

I went to see a Presidential candidate last week before our primary election in PA. We stood on a hard cement floor for three hours waiting for him to appear only to find out that he was sitting in my hometown's little coffee house enjoying a hot cuppa and chatting with the locals. I bet he got his coffee free.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Wow - and there I was thinking that coffee is so cheap in NY but then I'm not comparing apples with apples - We have every designer coffee option available here, but even a short black is generally the same price as a cappuccino or a latte. I had a large skinny cap, my favourite tipple (double shot cappuccino with skimmed milk) in one place and it was $5.50 last week here in Melbourne. I remember when (I'm sounding old now) you never had to pay more than $3 for a decent coffee!!
But do not fear Carol - come to Melbourne it's my shout!
Wren x


I'm surprised the coffee is not MORE money than that in your area. I think you had a marvelous experience taste testing and did not have to break the bank to do it.

Jeanne Bryan Insalaco said...

My flavor I buy is Hazelnut coffee, only drink regular when forced. I don't know how I got hooked on this flavor.