Wednesday, April 27, 2016

T Is for Tisserie

T is for Tisserie, and what a find. Excellent coffee -- the Stumptown I wrote about in "S" --  good snack food and a comfortable place before or after a concert in an expensive and somewhat mediocre neighborhood.
We were right around the corner from City Center and Carnegie Hall. 

A. got this salmon sandwich for a post dance performance snack. She gave it high marks. 

Neither of us ordered a muffins, but they looked good. I'm still pastry abstinent, but if I take a break, I am considering these muffins for my treat. Though they join a long list of goodies I've seen during this experience. 

Six more letters to go and a book review to post tonight. It's a sprint now at the end of this marathon and I can see the finish line. I've got my photos ready and have just one more place to sample, "X." Thanks for staying with me on the Buttercup Coffee Wagon.

So much coffee and so little time! Let's keep sipping and have a great day. 


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! You're nosing in to the finish. Not nice to post close-up photos of muffins, though. Yum! I love beautiful bakery photos. Have a great day!

shortybear said...

you have done great on this challenge

Mimi said...

This has been fun!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I want a muffin!

As others have said, you have done a great job on this theme.


That salmon sandwich has my name on it too. YUM. Love that giant coffee cup.