Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's Spring (Sort of...)

I've been eagerly looking at every patch of dirt in the neighborhood, hoping for the first spring flowers. There are shoots popping up, but I haven't seen any flowers yet. But as I was out walking this afternoon this sight greeted me.

 Blossom time! I've been so busy looking down for flowers that I've missed the blossoms above. They look like they've been out for a few days, but perhaps they just came out in the last day or so. In the next few weeks the neighborhood should be spectacular. 
The forecast is snow for tonight, which is not unusual at this time in March. I looked at my post for last year and I wrote about icy precipitation. Of course we were coming out of one of the worst winters in my memory and it seemed like spring would never come. This winter has been spring-like and for once I'm not as desperate for warmer weather. I will still treasure every spring day and spring flower, but I've (prematurely) packed away my winter gloves already because it was unseasonably warm.
Besides my walk, a few errands and cooking prep, I spent a very leisurely Sunday. Lots of coffee and the New York Times and reading. I just started The Skeleton Garden -- A Potting Shed Mystery, which I'm enjoying.
As ever, thanks for visiting and have a great week!
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