Friday, February 12, 2016

A Romantic Fiction Friday...Autumn Brides

I'm sure the initial response to the this post's title is a big measure of confusion. But I went through my list of posts "to do" and realized I had been remiss in posting my thoughts about Autumn Brides, three novellas about love and weddings. In honor of Valentine's Day and in an effort to forget the looming spectre of a polar vortex, I'm thinking of autumn leaves, sweaters and apple cider doughnuts.

 Autumn Brides tells the stories of three women and the slips and slides to their weddings in September, October and November. All three stories are light, fun and very enjoyable reading. I was especially taken with "An October Bride," by Katie Ganshert. It takes place in perhaps the most charming town in Wisconsin and Emma, the October bride, and Jake, the October groom are  charming, adorable and yet, very real. It was a very absorbing story of love and family connections. Though I am a little late in sharing this book with Buttercupland, love is never out of season and there's no time we need a dash -- or several dashes -- of romance than the cold and dark days of winter. Make a cup of tea -- I've got peppermint here -- find a cozy throw and return to autumn and the first days of crisp leaves and pumpkins.  

For the mild winter we've had, the next few days will be COLD. I made a trip to the grocery and have several recipes I'm planning to try -- especially looking forward to a lemon cake made with almond flour -- and lots of blogging I want to do. I'm hoping to get through a lot of my indoor errands list, as well as enjoy two leisurely mornings with coffee and crosswords. What are your Valentine plans?

As ever, thanks for visiting and joining me for this Fiction Friday. Keep warm and cozy!

Please note: I was given a copy of "Autumn Brides" by BookLook Bloggers in order to share my thoughts, but the opinions are all mine.


Terra said...

Romance is in the air with your book review and Valentines Day approaching. Happy Valentines Day early.

Nadine_Feldman said...

Good choice for Valentine's Day! Stay warm!

We have been in Florida for a few days to visit my stepson and his new wife. We're headed back to the cold weather on Valentine's Day. We tend to skip the big fancy dinners, so I'm not sure what we're going to do...but we manage to keep the romance going all year long!

Melinda said...

Sounds like a fun read.

M : )

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The beauty of books and reading - escaping to another world, and if the author is skilled, you are IN THAT WORLD with all the feelings associated with it! I love that feeling! Stay warm - maybe this is winter's last hurrah - ?

Susie said...

Buttercup, We are going to have to endure a few days of bitter cold. Hope you stay safe and keep warm. I like being all snuggly on the sofa when it's this cold. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Nellie said...

Sounds like the perfect reading material for a cold winter week-end! Stay warm!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Such a lovely way to spend the weekend. All cozy and warm and reading a good book. Thanks for stopping by Carol. Happy Valentine's Day.