Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I'm in It to Win It (Sort Of)

I've been resistant to the Powerball mania that's been sweeping the country. I did spend a half hour last week with my friend, Mary, discussing what we would do with six hundred million, if we won. I think I had a list that was similar to a lot of people. I'd like a bigger apartment -- just another bedroom would be fine -- in a building with a swimming pool. I'd like a trainer three times a week and I'd buy a vacation house for my cousins in Rhode Island. I'd give a lot to charity, starting with my college and my synagogue. I didn't want anything I'd have to maintain -- a brownstone building or a villa in Italy -- but I'd love to rent a suite at an elegant hotel in London for a few weeks. What I realized was I liked my life and with just a few tweaks I could come pretty close to my lottery dreams.

     When I was walking home from the grocery this afternoon this sign called out to me...
Buy a ticket, it called. And so I did, from a newsstand very much like this one.
I am now the owner -- like at least half of the United States -- of one Powerball ticket. I'm aware of the odds and have no expectation of becoming a multizillionaire tonight. But I also realize that I can make the tweaks I've been thinking about. I might not reserve a suite in London, but I might find a B&B in Bath and spend a week visiting a city I love. I might work with a trainer for a month and see if it improved my fitness and I might donate to a few charities whose work I support. None of these are the stuff of Powerball dreams, but they are all actually doable. I may not win Powerball tonight, but I'm delighted that the two dollars is money well spent figuring out a few things that might/will make me happy. Thanks, Powerball!
What are your Powerball dreams? Are you a ticket holder?
It's been a nice day. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and walked home, stopping at a fruit and vegetable stand and to buy a new shower curtain. Nothing exotic, but the fresh air felt great and I've kept my resolve to walk at least a mile every day this month. I hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday, too.
As ever thanks for visiting and keep cozy!

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