Friday, October 9, 2015

Random Five Friday Autumn in New York

This isn't an official Random Five Friday where I link up with other bloggers, which seems just right for a day that didn't feel like an official autumn day. The Random Five linkup is no longer -- alas -- and the almost eighty degree weather capped off by a thunderstorm was more summer than fall. But I've got some snips of the week to share, not quite enough for a post each, but fun for a Friday evening. Shall we begin...

1) The pumpkins are out and I am so happy to see their patches of color as I walk down Broadway. I've been reading about a possible pumpkin shortage closer to Thanksgiving and will be picking up a couple of cans of pumpkin to have for treats throughout the season. I love pumpkin, ginger and all foods of the autumn.
2) I was delighted to discover that Awesome Annie, a favorite Weight Watchers leader is back from her summer hiatus. We had a great session this week discussing goals.
3) Besides tonight's thunderstorm the weather has been great this week. This is the scene outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If I had a scrap of wall space I'd be searching here to fill it up. I'm always intrigued when I walk by.
 Fifth Avenue on a perfect autumn day
4) Last winter before I traveled to Japan and Korea I attended a wonderful lecture series on Japanese art. This fall I've been fortunate to sign up for a series of lectures on Asian Art. This was one of the topics last week and Thursday the topics were Korean Art -- fabulous! -- and Chinese Jade. I'm eager to start exploring the galleries and see the pieces that have been discussed. Yes, there will be a post and pictures to share.   
5) Sneak preview for "Fiction Friday" The official kick-off is next Friday, but I'm opening the series with thoughts on "Ruby" by Cynthia Bond.  Thanks to Blogging for Books I've had the opportunity to read this thoughtful and haunting -- in the best sense -- work of fiction. Generally the books I write about are much lighter, but "Ruby" is the antithesis of light reading. It looks at issues of poverty, racism and the long and lingering effects of trauma. The characters, especially Ruby Bell, the title character and Ephram Jennings, who has long loved her, are memorable and their pain and humanity will stay with me. I'm grateful for the opportunity to read this book. It's not light reading, but definitely worth reading and thinking about. 
That's this week of autumn in New York. The weekend is quiet and I hope to be back to complete peppiness by next week.
As ever, thanks for visiting and have a sweet weekend.
Please note: I was given a copy of "Ruby" by Blogging for Books for review purposes, but the thoughts are all mine.


Bj Pup said...

The rain has gone for a while and we'll be back to fall days.

From the Kitchen said...

I love the crisp cool days of autumn along with the teases of Indian Summer. NYC is a lovely place to be during that time. Enjoy!


Simply Linda said...

Crisp here in western NY and the colors are starting to really show--bright oranges, purples and yellows. Thanks for the smiles, Buttercup.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It was a beautiful week and except for an almost tornado that went by my town last night, a perfect picture of autumn.

I am going to check on that book you mentioned, Ruby. It sounds like a good read.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ! Sunshine come out here today, but it is a bit chilly!

Deanna Rabe said...

We had a warm day, with thunderstorms yesterday too. Today we are back to sunshine and coolness. Hurray!

Glad you are feeling better. Colds can hang on and be annoying.

I stocked up on some pumpkin yesterday too. I love to use it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Deanna said...

I am happy to hear that you seeing some signs of Fall in New York. And I wish we would have had your rain, we are so dry here. I admire your continuing quest for knowledge with your attendance at various lectures and exhibits, a true advantage of living in New York City. Thanks for the book review, I am going to hop over to that site and check it out.

Maggid said...

Really? A Pumpkin Shortage> Now, that is something I've never considered before . . .

Paula Kaye said...

I loved the picture of the paintings!! Such beautiful fall colors! I have read about the pumpkin shortage too! I must go purchase a few for my front porch!!

Annesphamily said...

Love the art! My garage is bursting with so many different wall hangings. I had a beautiful chalk art drawing of my mom and had it done on a canvas. It should arrive tomorrow. I am anxious to see how it turned out. The company I used really took the time to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and they sent me a few emails to verify info. Great CS experience!
My friend in Beulah, Co.said last week she still had so many hummingbirds and had to make more nectar. She is at 6,381 feet elevation! They should be getting a dusting of snow and not so much sunshine! Weather patterns have been so odd this year.
I love pumpkin too. Rebekah will be buying fresh pumpkins because she is like a prairie girl baking pies from scratch! Once she bought the spices, which cost a king's ransom, she was on her way to making delicious homemade pies. Pumpkin is good for cats too. adding a spoonful to their food is a good way to help reduce their hairballs! LOL! The cats LOVE it.
You make me smile over here Carol. I hope your week is terrific, stay warm.