Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halloween State of Mind Pink Saturday

I'm definitely getting into a Halloween state of mind. Decorations started appearing in stores in the last week and then the street décor followed. I've been taking pictures in my Upper West Side neighborhood as well as journey today to the West Village, the area below 14th Street on the west side of Manhattan.  The West Village is one of my favorite neighborhoods, with many historic buildings. It's low rise -- not as many tall buildings as in many places in Manhattan -- and it's blessedly sunlit, as a result.

These were among the first pictures I took this season, and the top picture is one of my favorites.

This pumpkin bunny in the window of one of my favorite gift shops won my heart.

  This snack store is devoted to rice crisp treats -- only in New York -- and always has fun windows. 
 I found this haunted house only a block from home. 
On my visit today to the West Village I stopped at one of my favorite dessert places, Milk & Cookies Bakery, for a treat. I've really refrained from sugary desserts, but made an exception this afternoon for a chocolate chip toffee cookie and their fabulous coffee with steamed milk.

I enjoyed my dessert treat and the Halloween decorations at Milk & Cookies. And, yes, they ship their cookies.

Seventh Avenue, just a block from Milk &Cookies. The only sign of autumn are the yellow leaves on the trees.
I hope you've enjoyed our autumn days in New York. I loved the bright sun, but not as much the cold weather. I definitely needed gloves and the winter coat I was wearing. I enjoy autumn and don't want to see it cut short by an early winter. 
The last few days have been busy. I'm glued to the television watching the Mets vs. Cubs, but I've also managed to order Christmas cards and address labels -- couldn't resist the Shutterfly offers -- and attend a wonderful book program, about which I'm planning a post later in the week.
Happily joining my blog buddies at Pink Saturday. Please stop by and visit. It's a wonderful group of bloggers. As ever, thanks for visiting and have a sweet week!  

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