Monday, March 9, 2015

What is Your Dream Vacation?

Do you have a dream vacation? Is there a place that is in your heart and dreams that you want to visit? It may be a mile from home, somewhere in your state or halfway around the world, but it's the place you long to visit.

I've had a number of places on my dream list. Paris, Jerusalem and Venice were at the top of my list and I 've had the good fortune to be in all three places. Once I'd seen them other places joined my list. I got to Istanbul and Thailand and last summer I visited Stonehenge and Dublin, two places I'd longed to see.

Stonehenge at the end of the day

      Trinity College Library in Dublin

I had a wonderful time in both England and Ireland and return trips are definitely on my agenda.

One place that has been in my heart for decades was Japan. I dreamed of seeing Kyoto in cherry blossom time, but it was just that, a dream. The timing didn't work and a few times it was just too expensive. But last spring I mentioned this idea to my friend, K, and we decided to go ahead. My thought was "I'm not getting younger and Japan isn't getting less expensive." We booked the trip, I put down my deposit and didn't think much about it. I mentioned it in a conversation a few months ago, giving the same reasoning. I'm not sure to whom I was speaking, but their reply was, "Japan is getting less expensive. The yen is weaker against the dollar."  I guess this is the time for my trip to Japan. We will visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and I'm hoping that the cherry blossoms will greet me in Kyoto, as I've long dreamed. I am also going on to the Republic of Korea for a short visit to Seoul.

I don't have any pictures yet of Japan or Korea, but be assured that there will be lots of them. I've started a board on Pinterest -- a link is in the top right page of the blog -- and am doing lots of reading. It's really started to become real that a forty year old dream is about to take place.

My question of the day is: What is your dream vacation? It can be a trip to a national park in your state, a special restaurant and inn in the next town or a country on the other side of the world. It's the place that your heart leads you to.

This post is part of Blogelina's Week LongCommentathon Event. This is a very fun way to meet new bloggers. If you're stopping by as part of the Commentathon, welcome! Love meeting new bloggers and love having visitors to Buttercupland.

Thanks to all who gave me technical advice for my ailing mouse. It just needed new batteries and I'm all set for at least the next six months. Sure enough the blue light on the back was out and it came right back on as soon as it got two new batteries. So glad to be back in business.

Today was a glorious day in New York City, sunny and clear. We are due for rain tomorrow, but as long as it's not snow or ice, I'm a happy person. I did a lot of walking today and loved it.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care.   
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