Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Heart's Disguise

I've always been fascinated by books published as serials. Maybe, it was reading the Bobbsey Twins books at an early age, one of my all-time favorite series. Although there was a new mystery to be solved in each book, I liked the continuity of characters and setting. I remember learning that Charles Dickens' works were serialized, and "The Pickwick Papers" was the first big success for Dickens. Many books were published in magazines, which permitted a wider readership and made them accessible to people who otherwise might not have been able to afford the book itself. When I got the opportunity to read and write about "A Heart's Disguise,"  by Colleen Coble -- published in a serial edition of six volumes by my friends at Litfuse Publicity Group -- I eagerly volunteered.

Book two arrived today and not a minute too soon. I'm so glad for the opportunity to learn what's next for the characters I met in the first volume. "A Heart's Disguise" is the first book in the serial, Journey of the Heart, where we follow the saga of Sarah Montgomery. It is set in the days just after the Civil War and though it's a short book, I became captivated by Sarah's story. It's a family story, a romance and an insight into life in America in a unique moment in American history. Sarah has a lost fiancée, a present fiancée and a thoughtful and caring heart. I'm concerned I may tell too much of the story -- a concern especially with this format. As a fan of novels set in historical eras, I enjoyed the details of Sarah's life very much.  I tend to be stuck in the Tudor era for my historical reading and was delighted for this opportunity to enter another fascinating time. I will be writing each month about Sarah's Journey of the Heart.

We had the first of what might be spring today and it was a delight with lots of sunshine. I had a dentist appointment this afternoon and tomorrow I have my last lecture on Japanese Art. I have a big treat for Wednesday, and though I'm leaving it as a surprise, there will be pictures.

As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care!
Please note: I received this book in exchange for my review, but the opinions are all mine. 


Catherine said...

Dear Carol. I loved the Nancy Drew series and so many others growing up.
I had so much fun introducing these books to my children growing up.
Take good care. xo Catherine


The Bobbsey Twins, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books thrilled me as a child. I'm not usually into historical fiction. But the book series you are currently reading sounds intriguing.

Sola Scriptura said...

I enjoy reading book series too. You really get to "know" the characters :)

Becky K. said...

I haven't gotten to this series yet but I discovered Colleen Coble very recently. I went very quickly through her series set in Upper Michigan and am now nearly finished with the Hope Beach Set. I'll be moving on to the series you are sharing soon.
I also read the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew. Loved them!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I did love all those serial books when I was a girl, especially, Nancy Drew. Although the times have changed and The Hunger Games and the like have replaced our less sophisticated stories, the theme of kids having adventures still remains.

Theresa said...

Enjoy your Springtime day dear friend! Beautiful book:) HUGS!

Kerin said...

Sounds like a good series.
I need to add these books to my reading list.

Have a happy day.


Nellie said...

This sounds like a good series, though I am not familiar with the author.

Anxious to see pictures of your special Wednesday!

BJ Pup said...

I too loved the Bobsey Twin, also.

Melinda said...

Love those series books too.
I'll have to check ths series out.

Come by Dreaming and see what
book I just finished. I'll bet
you will be intrigued.

M : )

Annesphamily said...

I love reading so I am always eager to hear about new choices! I have a heart for all the detail in different authors series! I love reading a good series too! Time to get to the store and find a few thingns we need. Have a great day! Hugs, Anne