Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine Card Shower Pink Saturday

You are cordially invited to join the Valentine Card Shower

For the  fifth year in a row I am happy to be a participant in the Valentine card shower for Children's Hospital of Kansas City. Thanks to my sweet bloggy buddy, Melinda, at "Country Dreaming", for once again organizing the effort in Blogland. I'm not especially crafty, but I know there are some very talented crafters who are part of Pink Saturday, and could make beautiful Valentines to share with kids who will be patients at Children's Hospital on Valentine's Day.

Please stop by Melinda's blog for details. Even a few cards will make children very happy and you may discover a crafty side you didn't know you had. I've got my red hearts and owl stickers ready to ask "Hooty Hoo wishes you a happy Valentine's Day?"

We're smack in the center of winter here, single digits in the morning and snow predicted for a few days next week. I promised not to complain about the winter, and I'm making every effort to keep that promise, but it's getting tough. I had reservations to go away for February, but then decided I liked being home too much. I do like being home, but I think next winter I will be away for some time in January or February. I'm just not a winter girl.

I did get to the gym today and restocked my yogurt, fruits and vegetables. I've got a couple of fun recipes that may (or may not) be next week's feature on Foodie Friday, and I've got my very first spaghetti squash waiting to be cooked.

As always, thanks for visiting and keep cozy! Baby, it's cold outside.   


Melinda said...

THANK YOU for the shout out about the card shower. I truly appreciate
your comments and help.

Thanks again!!!!

M :)

Stephanie said...

What a lovely idea! Thanks for mentioning it, dear Carol.

Thinking of you, sweet friend! Have a beautiful Sunday!


Almost a foot of snow predicted here. Waiting to see if the weatherman got it right. The valentines sound like a wonderful idea. You stay warm.

Simply Linda said...

I was just reading the Weather Channel--they have updated it--upwards of 18 inches here!!! I also said I wasn't going to complain...but when one has to be out in it everyday--it does get tiring.

What a wonderful idea (Valentine), Buttercup. Blessings

Linda E said...

Stay warm and be safe if you do have to go out. Lovely idea about the Valentines.

Susie said...

Carol, Some times it's had to warm up.. The older I get , the less I like winter. I may be rethinking a vacation in winter next year. For 20 years I would go to Florida for 10 days in Feb...that sure helped fight the blues. Stay inside where it's warm and safe.. Time to sort stuff. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Sola Scriptura said...

What a lovely idea to have a card shower for a children's hospital. We've had freezing rain that turned into snow today. I really, really don't like the cold. I long for warm summer days...

Lana L. said...

Thank you for the link - what a lovely idea! I hope you have some signs of Spring soon!