Thursday, January 29, 2015

Goal #2: Sleeveless in 2015

Now that Snowmaggeddon 2015 has passed into history in New York City it's time to return to other matters, foremost of which is my quest for fitness in 2015. Last summer I wrote about joining a study on exercise and seniors, which brought me back to exercise. I also wrote about being dropped from the study because my data wasn't useful for the project. Initially I was very upset, but quickly realized that getting in shape was useful, study and its benefits -- a membership to the Y -- or no study. A couple of days later I joined the Y on my own and haven't looked back.

I won't say I was the most willing participant at the Y initially. I was hesitant to use the machines for weight training and not really sure this was for me. I was usually among the last chosen for gym throughout elementary school and high school, and though decades have passed, the memories stayed with me. But I saw the sign above and decided to join the program. There's a free three month program associated with the Fit Points Club, where a coach works on goals and motivation, and I needed a lot of coaching to move beyond my fifth grade "I'm not good in gym" self. But my coach, Erica, stuck with me, and I stuck with it and I'm liking it. Do I love it? No, but I like it and enjoy the gains I've made.

I knew I needed to pace myself, both with my spinal surgery two years ago and my broken foot last year. But I've found ways to move that tax neither and amazingly, I've come to enjoy working out on the machines. I marvel that I can lift weights on machines that have names like "bicep curl." This is where I came up with the name for my second goal of this year, Sleeveless in 2015.  I haven't worn a sleeveless shirt in years, but I'm hoping this will be the summer that my newly tight(er) biceps will debut in a sleeveless summer shirt. This would be a great way to celebrate my 65th birthday in July. My goal is to get the Y three times a week and excepting the two weeks of jury duty I've been successful.

Because I couldn't let the day go by without a picture of snowy Manhattan, here is a picture of the statue of opera star, Richard Tucker, in a small park across from the Metropolitan Opera. In warmer weather there is a farmers' market here a few times a week. You may remember Richard Tucker from appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, but his fame came from being a star at the Metropolitan Opera.

I'm spending today catching up indoors. I roasted vegetables, cleaned the kitchen and now I'm looking forward to a cup of coffee and a good book. Tomorrow I'm back to the Y.

As always, thanks for visiting. Take care and keep cozy! New Englanders, sending warm thoughts.


Sr. Ann Marie said...

Good for you! I'm also hoping to do more exercise this year. Our college is right down the road from our motherhouse where I work--and as of November--where I also live. I'm aiming to walk down there at lunch time and walk the indoor track. My problem is that I'm a rather slow walker. By the time I get there it'll be time to turn around and come back! However, I guess the walk itself is exercise!

diane said...

Good for you! I always say I'm going to exercise more .... but I never do. I do enjoy walking though. After my husband died in July I was so busy moving from one state to another and I just didn't have time. Once this dang cold weather eases up I will start up again.
Stay toasty.
diane @ thoughts & shots


I think it's great you have established this exercise routine. You will see the rewards to your efforts, I'm sure. My husband loves the opera and will enjoy seeing Richard Tucker.

Susie said...

Carol, I think yesterday it was 36 degrees and felt warmer that 40 degrees today. Of course the sun was out yesterday. Today has been downright gloomy. Coffee and something good to read sounds nice. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Sola Scriptura said...

Sounds like you have a good goal. I'm sure summer will be here before we know it :)

Becky K. said...

Ahhhh.....I admire you. I'm a member of the Y. That's all...just a member. I need to get myself over there to work out.

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Well done Carol - great goals and definitely do-able!

Nellie said...

Yay for you going to the Y! Hoping you will have the results you wish for summer! I don't let that bother me anymore.:-)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I admire your efforts. Just last summer I stopped going sleeveless except for the hottest days. I noticed for the first time the sagging skin close to my armpits and didn't like the looks of it at all. I have lost strength in my arms and have a set of light weights I want to use and try to build up those muscles. Maybe I too can go sleeveless again. Ha !

Mevely317 said...

Gee, I can sure identify with your grade-school memories -- that (like you) still stick ... and leave me suspicious of the gorgeous leotard-clad, physical-fitness types. (smile)

I'm glad to hear you found another end-around route to achieving YOUR goals. Fit Points sounds like a thumb's up program.

Melinda said...

Sounds like you
have a great plan.

Glad you were able
to get around in the

Just a friendly reminder,
I'll need your cards by Feb.
7th. Thanks.

M : )

Ida said...

Guess what I haven't gone sleeveless in years myself. I have big upper arms and have always hated them. Maybe I need to join the Y too. - I'm hoping to get back to walking as soon as I'm over the Bronchitis bout I've had this month. Keep up the good work.