Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Wish I Had a Place to Wear This Fabulous Dress Pink Saturday

...Alas, it seems highly unlikely. But the next best thing -- and a lot less expensive -- is taking a picture for Pink Saturday.

This beautiful-in-pink gown caught my eye on Madison Avenue last Sunday.

I had a great walk last Sunday and saw this gorgeous dress in the window at Vera Wang. I'm not in the market for anything this fabulous, but I had to stop and take a picture. I like the American flag in the background and my friend, Mary. 

On Monday I stopped at Talbot's, a lot closer to my budget and lifestyle, and found a few things that might work for my wardrobe. 

I like the pink sweater at the center of the page and all of the bright autumn colors. I think the necklace featured with the orange sweater would be a fun dress up piece for this fall. 

This is the shirt that's been on my mind this week. I've been thinking some happy thoughts, but there's nothing like a shirt to keep me cheerful. I think it would look great with white pants any time of year. 

A P.S. to the white pants post. I've joined a new committee at my synagogue and the first meeting was Thursday night. There were about fourteen woman -- and a few men, not in white pants -- and four of us were wearing white pants. One woman had a white jean skirt. Yes, I was one of the five, walking on the wild side. This has also been the hottest week of the summer and white pants and a turquoise shirt seemed to be just the right outfit.  

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and thinking lots of happy thoughts. As ever, thanks for visiting and take good care. 
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