Sunday, April 13, 2014

2x the Fun Pink Saturday

It's time for some Pink Saturday fun. I know it's Sunday and getting into Sunday night, but I've taking pictures all week to share. Keeping up with the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and doing a Pink Saturday post has been tough, but I am enjoying both. Many thanks to Beverly, who graciously hosts Pink Saturday every week. She's a doll and not just because last week's Pink Saturday bunnies were the featured link for this week. I was pretty excited when I stopped by to visit this afternoon and the bunnies are thrilled.

I took pictures during my excursions around New York City. They're very different from last week's cute bunnies, but I loved all of the bright pinks I discovered.

This advertisement for Property Brothers was next to me at the bus stop. The bright pink lettering caught my attention and it's a show I enjoy. Drew and Jonathan, can you give my apartment a makeover?   

Later in the afternoon I found these flowers up the street from my dentist's office. 

These pretty in pink flowers were a bright sight on West 58th Street

I know I titled this post, "2x the Fun," but I couldn't resist this bright pink shirt on Seventh Avenue. We'll have to make this post three times the fun. 

Today was another almost summer day and I made an excursion to Astoria, Queens. I could have bought everything I needed closer to home, but I enjoyed the trip. There is one fruit and vegetable market there I especially like and I found the dried figs I was looking for. They also had fresh almonds and I couldn't resist taking a picture to share. 

The almonds are on the upper right.

I hope you had a glorious spring day, too. Please come back and visit tomorrow for a very sweet and elegant treat for "L." Thanks for stopping by and take good care.


Mevely317 said...

Wouldn't it be great fun to get a make-over from the talented (and adorable) Drew and Jonathan?

Realizing what an enormous undertaking is your A-Z challenge! But you know what? I'm having such fun following along, I'm already day-dreaming of maybe joining the party next year.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh how I love the NY tee shirt! It's cute as can be! We had a nice warm weekend but stayed inside to get some projects done. Enjoy the week ahead! Hugs!

The religious writer said...

I just love those pink flowers! I've not heard of the Property Brothers, but I do like the idea of a home makeover - that would be much fun!
We had a sunny weekend and took a long drive through the mountains, much different scenery than your beautiful NYC.

Ann said...

Lovin the store fronts, property bros is a really fun show. Pink makes a great t-shirt color. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! Ann


Those flowers are gorgeous. LOVE them.