Saturday, March 22, 2014

This Is What Passes for Spring in the City Random 5 Friday

I know yesterday was Happiness Day, but I'm happy today, too. It was sunny, warmer and it's time for Random 5 Friday. That's an unbeatable combo for me.

1) Pussy willows have always meant spring to me, even when they're stuck in a bucket in one of the most crowded urban settings on the planet. This isn't the prettiest picture I've ever taken, but this was my first pussy willow sighting this year and it's spring to me.

Yes, that's a shadow selfie in the bottom right corner. 

2) I started to do some research on sights to see in Dublin this summer. I'll be there for not quite three days and I compiled a list today that could fill a week easily. I want to leave some time to enjoy a cup of tea, take lots of pictures and do some walking. If anyone has been to Dublin I'd appreciate your thoughts. 

3) I don't think I say this often enough, but I love the comments I get. I'm still laughing over the thought of being rescued by a "hunky fireman" during my chair almost-disaster. My thought at the time was that I was going to be humiliated by a fire truck racing to yoga. But on reconsideration, if they promise to send cute firemen -- aren't they all! -- I'm willing risk intervention by the FDNY.    

4) While we're on the topic of blogging, I'm wondering what happened to my page views this month. I was getting about 200 every day and in the last two weeks the number has dropped to closer to 120. I did a little research and all of the page views from the Ukraine are gone and most of the ones from Russia are gone, too. I never could have predicted that the Ukraine crisis would have an effect on my blog. Has anyone else noticed this trend?

5) I'm looking for a favorite and easy chicken slow cooker recipe. I'm in a cooking slump and need to get out my slow cooker and make something easy and yummy for the tomorrow's dinner and the freezer. I know there are creative cooks in Buttercupland and I welcome your suggestions. 

These five just flew by and I've really enjoyed chatting. As always, thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!
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