Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hurray It's March Random 5 Friday

I know that if I had actually posted on Friday it would still have been February. But it's been a busy week and I've posted a lot less than I'd hoped to. I'm happy to be catching up with Random 5 Friday fun. Please excuse my lateness.

1) Happily I have a dining area floor. There's still a lot left to clean up and rearrange. I'd moved lots of things around to clear space for the work, and I'm going to sort and discard as I move things back. I learned I like having more space.

2) I spent a lot of time at the library last week and really enjoyed it. Four of my reserve books arrived and I've been reading quickly. I finished "Reconstructing Amelia,"  and liked it a lot. When I looked at the reviews after I finished it there were a lot of comparisons to "Gone Girl." I'm so glad I didn't see those comparisons because I think I'm one of the five people living who didn't like "Gone Girl." I disliked it a lot, and while I found the plot inventive, I loathed the characters. I like the characters a whole lot more in "...Amelia" and the plot kept me reading.

3) I've been socializing a lot more than usual this week. I was in Lower Manhattan for a going-away party, Greenwich Village for a college alumnae event and in Queens yesterday for a retirement party.

 Despite the extreme cold on Wednesday night I had to stop and take pictures of one of my favorite places in Lower Manhattan, Stone Street. There are restaurants on both sides of the street and in the summer there are tables outside. Yes, there are still cobblestones here. 

4) Aunt Buttercup continues to say thank you to the kind New Yorkers who have come to her assistance this week. A nice stranger helped when the bus stop met a snow pile. 

This was the last of the snow we've received in February. Right now the streets are clear but we're looking at snow again tomorrow night and Monday. This is definitely "keeping it real" snow, not the pretty fluffy flakes. 

5) My college class mini-reunion is in Wilmington, Delaware in April. I was looking at the itinerary and saw that one of the features is a show of costumes from "Downton Abbey" at Winterthur. Something to keep me going during the long wait to Season 5. 

Good to be back in posting mode. As always, thanks for visiting and take good care. 


Nellie said...

I'm sure you are happy to have the work in your place all completed! I hope you will share some pictures later.

Winter just doesn't want to give way to spring, does it? Keep yourself warm and cozy during this next onslaught!


I'm glad your floor is done. It must be comforting to know it is complete.

Mevely317 said...

Were it not for the office buildings in the background, I'd guess that cobblestone street was somewhere in Europe. Can't put my finger on "why", but I love the look and feel of Stone Street.
Hopefully, I'll have a chance to sit there and sip ... someday!

Simply Linda said...

Love the look of Stone Street, it does look so European. Yep, Buttercup, more snow..sigh..spring will be here soon. Blessings

Lynda said...

Hooray for the floor being completed. Construction can make a person a bit crazy - - - or maybe it's just me. But it sure does mess up normal routine which makes us appreciate it when it returns! Albany (NY) still has some cobblestone streets, too. They certainly have stood the test of time better than asphalt & concrete, haven't they?!!

Melinda said...

Glad to hear that your
fioor is in. You'll have
to show it to us.
Sounds like you are having
lots of fun too.
We are supposed to have a nice
March snowstorm tonight and

M : )

Patty Sumner said...

I have not been in a posting mood lately... just to busy...and not much to say.. I am glad you have a new floor. Glad the weather allowed you to get out and about.. we are expecting more snow on Sunday and Monday too.. The pics are just lovely.. I always enjoy how you share New York from your camera... Keep enjoying those outings... it is always fun to have times of fellowship.. Stay safe and stay warm and Yes, come on Spring! Blessings!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I chose to cancel a get-together about an hour's drive away today due to the drifting snow and cold here. Glad you are getting out and about more!

Lynn said...

glad the floor is done, great street shot, it looks quite European.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's Sunday morning and I'm reading your Friday post but better late than never I guess. I'm glad you had such a socially nice week. It's good to get out with others. It helps to break the monotony of winter.

Sola Scriptura said...

It sounds like you've had a busy and fun-filled week! That cobblestone street looks just like the many streets here, in Scotland :)

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Have always wanted to tour Greenwich village after reading about it so much in books. The cobble stone street looks inviting, even in this cold!

Susie said...

Buttercup, You are having lots of fun. I love the old streets. You are being so good about sorting. Hope you have a wonderful week. xoxox,Susie