Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Beatles Fifty Years Later

I've watched a lot of television lately. A lot of this has to do with the weather and being indoors much more than usual. But there's also been a lot I've wanted to watch. There's the winter Olympics coverage, "Downton Abbey" on Sunday nights and the fiftieth anniversary show of the Beatles' appearance on Ed Sullivan, "50 Years: The Beatles."

I'm enjoying the Olympics and loved the ice dancing, but not too many other individual events will stick with me. I am a big fan of "Downton," but in a few years much of that will have faded from memory. But fifty years after that extraordinary Sunday night I can still remember almost every word to every song by the Beatles. Watching Ed Sullivan on Sunday night was our regular family activity, especially in the winter when it was rare that we would be out. We'd clean up the kitchen from supper and settle in the den to watch television as a family. It seems quaint now, but I imagine that was the activity for just about all of us.

I didn't listen to the Beatles very much in high school, but I did in college. While we pondered the world and studied, the Beatles' albums played and played and played. Over the years I favored some albums over others, but there was something I liked on every album. I still have my favorites. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You" make me want to get up and dance. When I'm feeling more romantic I think of "And I Love Her" and ""Here, There and Everywhere." But when I think of my favorite song by the Beatles, maybe even my favorite song, it's "In My Life." I can't begin to imagine how many times I've listened to it, and it still moves me.

I know there are lots of Beatles fans in Buttercupland. What are your favorite Beatles' songs and memories? I have one friend who liked them so much that he named his daughter, yes, Michelle.

I finally got to my card class at Michael's. I was the only student and with the help of my terrific instructor, Veronica, I had a very productive and fun session. I even made a few cards to put away for next year's Valentine Party in Kansas City. I wouldn't have thought that two hours would give me skills to improve my card making so much, but I think I'm progressed to advanced beginner. Jewelry Making may just come next.  

As always, thanks for visiting, and thanks for being in my life.

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