Friday, February 21, 2014

Empire State Building Random 5 Friday

It's time for one of the high points of the Blog week, Random 5 Friday. Without any fuss, here are five very random thoughts.

1) I was set to call this post "Tundra Random 5," but happily that doesn't apply for our weather for this week. I am positively giddy at the turn in the weather. I was going to share a picture of the snow mound I jumped over last Friday, but now it's greatly diminished and very dirty ice. Even for keeping it real, it's just not a very attractive picture.

2) Because the weather is so nice I've done some traipsing around town, including a trip to West 34th Street. This was the scene that greeted me getting out of the subway.

I'm not sure how I left the Empire State Building off my list of places to visit in New York City.

3) On that note...My list of places to visit only included sites in Manhattan. New York City is five boroughs and though I've written about visits to the other four -- Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island -- it's time to do a little more exploring. I've got a visit to Staten Island lined up in the next little while and will plan a few other excursions. Stay tuned for the mini blog series, "Leaving Manhattan..."

3) I'm scheduled to get a new floor in the dining area next week. No matter how disruptive -- and it will be -- I will be so glad to have less overall chaos and my furniture back to where it should be. Six dining room chairs in my living room has not been fun.  

4) This Sunday will be the last week for "Downton Abbey" for this season." It's a great temptation to see what's going to happen in this episode, but so far I've resisted. 

5) It's amazing how pretty the snow can be when I'm looking at it in the past. I took this picture at a bus stop in Greenwich Village last Saturday. There was a lot more snow than I anticipated and at the time I was not happy with myself for making the trip. A week later it just looks pretty, and I'm glad to have the picture.   

Definitely enjoyed the change in weather and I love knowing that no matter what happens in the next few weeks, spring really is just around the corner. As always, thanks for visiting and take good care! 
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