Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pink Saturday a la Declutter

Though the day has just slipped into Sunday, it's still Pink Saturday in my heart. I had a fun evening out with friends tonight -- dinner and off-off Broadway theater -- but I don't want to miss my date with my Pink Saturday buddies.

January seems a natural time for refocusing, though I've found it's just as easy to read magazines and watch television on a cold winter afternoon as it is to declutter. But I've given myself a goal for January and February and that's to declutter my living room. There are a couple of large piles of magazines to go through and lots (and lots) to file. My goal for March and April is to work on my bedroom and that will entail going through a large closet that's become a repository of  for many homeless items. There is no due date for the kitchen, but the other two rooms are more critical. The bathroom has been semi-decluttered and I do know what's in my storage area under the sink and in the medicine chest. Those forty square feet are under control, at least for the time being.

During my visit to Home Goods two weeks ago I came away with several ideas that I think would help keep things in better order and have the added advantage of being pink, my favorite color.

I definitely need one of these canvas laundry bags. My only problem is which one to pick. I'm leaning to the pink and white chevron bag on the bottom right. What's your favorite?

I also liked this assortment of laundry bags and the not quite pink organizer box on the bottom shelf. 

I didn't think I needed a new step stool, but the pink and grey one would be perfect for my bedroom and make it a lot easier to put things away without dragging the big step chair from the kitchen, and it's so cute. 

 This picture has nothing to do with decluttering but I couldn't resist the pretty in pink candy assortment.

Thanks for visiting and wishes for a pretty in pink Sunday!



Sola Scriptura said...

I love the laundry bags, but I'd have a hard time picking out just one...

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Yes, many people are de-cluttering right now. I guess the start of a new year is a good time to do so, right? The laundry bags are very nice, and I love the color PINK. My daughter, Jess, just recently did a post about organizing and getting rid of her stuff that she doesn't need any more. It was a fun post.

Have a nice Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I love the laundry bags, too. I can just see one of my cats napping in one. Everything in our home is just out of my reach, so a handy step stool in several places would be welcome. The pink candy reminds me of Spring!

Linda said...

Oh geesh..I can't pick which one /photos I like. Wish we had a Home Goods upstate. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

The Cranky said...

Pink and polka dots; they rock my world. =)

Maggid said...

Oh My, What a lovely splash of color!!!
Brilliant week to YOU!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

I love the pink chevron laundry basket too! Wishing you a lot of luck organizing everything Carol. Have a nice night. Julie

Ann said...

Well I think you should get the little pink striped step stool to go with the chevron bag. I bought a tall fabric bag that holds all my boots in my closet--keeps them all organized.


The laundry bags are charming. Good luck with your decluttering.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Dear Buttercup
It looks like I need to pack a huge suitcase for my visit to the US this year I want one of everything. I would get the lime green and pink stripe laundry bag!
I like your idea of setting a target for each room. I badly need to declutter my office but every time I go in there, I get distracted by the wonderful blogs on my computer!
Here to a productive week decluttering for both of us!
Wren x

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Isn't Home Goods a wonderful store? Going In there however defeats my goal of purging and decluttering as I can't walk out of there without having a bag or two of new purchases.

I love those laundry bags.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now that is something I already have and that is a pink laundry bag. It's a solid pink so not quite as bright as those in the pictures. Decluttering is an ongoing project here and I have much to clear out, but there always seems to be something much more fun to do. I love Home Goods too, and always find some good ideas there.

Lynda said...

I do like the chevron one but am also partial to the pink with polka dots above it. Organizing items are sooooo much fun!!! You sound like me with the magazines. I have a stack that I have read and marked with post-its. Now I have to either scan the info or type it. Then the books will go to FOLA (Friends of the Library) for their resale shop.

BJ PUP said...

I have an old fashioned laundry cabinet that's in a wall of the bathroom. I do like the pink polka dot.
I've had a two-step step ladder in my kitchen and bedroom closet forever. I also bought a "grabber" to make it even easier to get things from the shelf and
I've tried de-cluttering and it's hard to get rid of things. I think I'll just neaten up.

Melinda said...

Anything with dots gets my heart a flutter!
I had to smile at your last picture because the Cherry Mash in the jars are made right here! Actually St. Joseph, Missouri about an hour from
our house. Woo hoo!

M : )

Mevely317 said...

Love what some enterprising soul thought of doing with these step-stools.... they're adorable!
HomeGoods, you say? I'll definitely be checking them out; I mean, doesn't every room require a step-stool? (lol)