Friday, December 20, 2013

Random 5 Christmas in New York Friday

I'm delighted that our dear friend, Nancy at A Rural Journal, is back from her break and it's officially Random 5 Friday. I've been kind of doing my own Random 5, but it's so much better to be part of the Random 5 family again.

1) Not so randomly, thanks Nancy! I definitely received a gift meeting you in Blogland and being part of the Random 5 fun every week.

2) It's a beautiful night in New York City. The temperature is fifty degrees and the only way I know it's not spring are the patches of snow left from Tuesday's storm. I've just been to a wonderful concert at Lincoln Center, which is decked out in its holiday finest.

The Metropolitan Opera at night

3) I've loved walking through the Christmas tree sale stands all over the city, especially for the aroma. As I walked through the one closest to home I realized that by this time next week the stand will be gone. Actually they will be packed up by Christmas morning. This makes me so sad. It's one of my favorite parts of the season. 

 Yes, in Manhattan your Christmas tree can be delivered to your door. 

4) The bright red of the berries captured my attention at the fruit and veggie store. I think I need to bring some home. 

5) These cute guys called out to me, too. I'm looking for one more snowman and I am a pushover for musical stuffed animals, or in this case, snowmen. These guys play "New York, New York." I know it's not Christmas music, but I'm having a tough time resisting them.


Catherine said...

Dear Carol, The season does go too quickly. It seems just when you are ready to begin enjoying it is over!
The city is beautiful this time of year, all decked out in it holiday finest. I bet Lincoln Center was beautiful.
I wish you a beautiful holiday season and a very blessed New Year.
Hugs, Catherine xo

Leave It To Davis said...

Love the berries and the snowmen! Resist no longer. He needs to be safe with you in your home! Merry Christmas!


LOVE the tree stands and the snowmen.

Nancy C said...

I would imagine tree delivery in NYC would be a necessity for some -- loved your photos and so happy you had time to participate this week Carol. xo

E. said...

wow, they deliver ... that is cool. i never would have thought they would deliver a tree. i love your bloggy background so festive! ( :

have a happy weekend!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is looking a lot like Christmas there..I love the colors and anticipation of this time of year. Raining a lot here melting all the snow. Only one small patch left in the back yard here this morning. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Denise said...

One can never have too many snowmen. Those are irresistible. Take him home with you.

Lynn said...

those are big trees! The Met is beautiful.

Mary said...

Oh you definitely need one of those snowmen! And New York New York is one of the best songs ever! :). Those trees are lovely, and i can smell their wonderful scent from here!

Nellie said...

I love your pictures of life in New York. I will miss the tree lots, too. It does appear that the trees have been selling well, though, and that is good to see.

diane said...

I love the smell of Christmas trees!
I've always wanted to head to NYC before the holidays .... I imagine it being so lovely!
Merry Christmas!
diane @ aug's blog