Saturday, October 12, 2013

(Quite) Random 5 Friday

Happily it's Random 5 Friday, some of the best fun with no calories and no chance of a hangover.  And on that theme we'll just jump into our Random 5 thoughts.

1) I'm delighted I didn't have to apply to become part of Random 5. There are some terrifically talented photographers in the group and I'm pleased to call them friends. It's been a lot of fun and I am inspired to take pictures and keep an eye out for interesting sights in my daily life.

2) This was my vision one day at Columbus Circle this week. I don't know the television show, but a giant toad stool on the sidewalk is worth a second (or third) look.

3) October 11 is my mother's birthday. She died at 75 in 1990, but she would have been 99 yesterday. Not surprisingly,  a day doesn't go by without thoughts of her. Thanks, Mom, always in my heart.

4) I had my weekly trip to the library and I am just about finished reading Faye Kellerman's, "The Beast." I am a great fan of mysteries and this series was one of my favorites. "Ritual Bath" was the first book in the series and I especially liked the female character, Rina Lazarus, an unlikely detective. Many books ago she married Pete Decker, an LAPD detective. Pete is an interesting character, but the books became more police stories and less mysteries with an unlikely and very likable woman as the lead character. I'm enjoying the book, but definitely would like Rina to have a bigger part. Generally I've come to enjoy mysteries set in historical periods, so this one set in Los Angeles is an exception. I am always interested in recommendations.

5) The weather went from iced coffee to hot coffee -- an odd thermometer, but all mine -- and it looks like it's swinging back to iced coffee with the prediction for 70 degrees next week. I've got a few really fun things next week -- both in Blogland and in New York City. Please stop by and be part of the fun.

Thanks for stopping by and being part of the fun today and take good care of yourself. Sweet dreams! 


Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love that mushroom. that is awesome. ( :

Theresa said...

We miss our Mamas, don't we! I think about mine every day and SO many times I smile about something she would have said or done:) Always in my heart as I know yours is too! My Mama passed away at 63

Cute mushroom! You have TOO much fun up there!

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend, HUGS!

Lynda said...

Cute toadstool/mushroom. Unusual fun stuff on an ordinary day.
Library visits are the BEST!!!! It's like Christmas gifts without having to spend the money.
Our weather has been so perfect - - - very cool nights and moderate to warm days - - - wonderful time of year!

Lynda said...

P.S. My mom's birthday is October 23. She died 13 years ago at age 69. I miss her, too.

Lynn said...

I really enjoyed the F.K. series, I like how she showed us the rituals, shared the religious side and how she and PD manage. I really enjoy P.D. James, Elizabeth George, and Louise Penny, Karen Alvtegen, Cara Black, Hakan Nessar, Martha Grimes,and Henning Mankell..opps got carried away here :-). My Mom wld have been 98 last the toadstool.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

One just never knows what Carol will reveal on her blog -- a giant mushroom no less. :)

My mom is 84 and I don't want to think about the times when she will no longer be just a phone call away.



the mushroom is sweet. LOVE Rina Lazarus and Peter Decker.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are to have just a few more nice days and temps will be dropping into the 60's here. That will be quite balmy weather for us soon. It'll only slowly go down hill from November on.

augcott said...

That's one heck of a mushroom!
I love it!!! Makes me smile!