Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Melt to Earth

I feel as though I've missed many things that were going on this fall, but fortunately there were events right in my neighborhood that I was able to get to. One is this fabulous exhibition, Aaron Curry: Melt to Earth, at Lincoln Center. Yesterday was a perfect afternoon to visit an outdoor sculpture exhibit, bright and sunny, and after errands I stopped by. Lincoln Center is only a mile from home and sitting in the Plaza or in the park across the street is one of my favorite pastimes.

The sculptures were commissioned specifically for the Plaza and I very much enjoyed the bright colors and wild and lively shapes, set amid the white stone.

This purple sculpture particularly engaged me. The Metropolitan Opera House is in the background.

Thanks for all the great ideas about skin products. Today I did an inventory of my supplies and found I own Aveeno Eczema Care and Cetaphil lotion, which both worked great in the summer, but don't seem to be rich enough for this time of year. I also own Eucerin cream and I will be trying it for the next week. I have found it too heavy in the past, but the time to use it is definitely here. I also will be diligent with Vaseline for my lips and feet. The heat in my building is centrally controlled and October 15th is the start of "heat" season. We have very dry steam heat -- I still have radiators in my apartment -- and it is especially drying. 

Tomorrow morning I return to my doctor for an x-ray and evaluation for my foot. I am very hopeful that I will walk out with two sneakers, but if that's not the case, I have to be patient. My foot feels good, but the outcome depends on what the x-ray shows. 

It's turned autumn here and I enjoyed a quiet day of reading, grocery shopping and catching up with home chores. I hope you all had nice autumn days, too. Thanks so much  for visiting and take very good care of yourself. 


Marie said...

I have a skin condition that is made worse in the cold months with the heat being on as well. I use aveeno soap, lotion, etc. It does help, but we also get a cream over here called A45 cream, which I use all the time and works very well. I am not sure what the North American version is!

I think it must be so exciting to live in NYC. There must always be something going on, something to see, something to do.

It is on my bucket list to visit! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely day to view the sculptures. Hoping that you can keep your dry skin under control with all the hints from readers. Have a nice day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Dry skin is a problem here when the heat goes on. I hope you find something that makes a difference for you . I use a room humidifier in the winter time and it seems to help. Drinking plenty of water is supposed to help too, but I still dry out. As it is getting colder out I spend many a day indoors.

Theresa said...

Love all of those bright colors:) HOPE that the foot is all better and two sneakers is what you wear home! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Kerin said...

Awesome art! How fun to live someplace that always has fun stuff going on :)

Hope that you're foot is better.
Especially with winter coming.. you will need those sneakers *grin**.

Around here, everyone generally has some "Bag Balm" around (due to having animals and farming, etc.) In the winter some bag balm slathered on my feet, and some warm fluffy socks keeps my feet soft and crack free. Works on hands, feet, elbows... etc..

Warm wishes, my friend.


Nadine_Feldman said...

I'm going to NYC tomorrow...hope we get to see this!

Fingers crossed about your foot.

Lynn said...

good luck with the 'morrow's xray! and I loved this art exposition, free out, of doors what more could be so engaging!

Tara Tyler said...

awesome exhibit! thanks for sharing the pics! & hope foot is better

ps, my dry skin is the worst! my recs: wash hands only when nec & lotion right after, plus morning & night. my derm said to soak hands for several min, then put product on & wear vinyl gloves over night, plus i wear gloves for cleaning... and nix the hand sanitizers... i love fall too but not the dry skin!!

happy hump day!


Interesting sculptures. Good Luck with your foot.

Susie said...

Good luck at the drs. Buttercup. I hope you are well. Those art pieces were unusual. I love when you take us on a tour of your city.xoxo,Susie