Monday, October 28, 2013

A Critical Question...What's Your Candy Choice for Halloween?

Amazingly, this is the first year that I have chosen candy to give out for trick-or-treaters. When I first moved to New York in 1975 I moved to a small building with no elevator, "a walkup." There were no children in our building and we didn't get any trick-or-treaters. I moved to the building where I live now in 1991, but worked during the trick-or-treat hours. We have lots of kids in our building and our system is to sign up if we are interested in giving out candy on Halloween. Probably tomorrow the sign-up sheet will appear in the elevator and we can indicate what hours we will be home. I'm looking forward to being part of the Halloween fun and I realized I needed to pick out candy.

It was an overwhelming choice and I came up with some loose criteria. I wanted several kinds of candy. I needed something for kids who didn't eat chocolate, something that didn't have peanuts and something I could keep if it was left over. I also wanted to pick candy that was on sale. I also wanted to defer my candy purchase until as close to Halloween as I could, which would give me less time to dip into my treasures.

I probably could have waited until tomorrow, but I was out tonight and decided I could be mature and keep candy in the house. Based on my candy criteria I am the proud owner of a bag of Reese's, one of my all time favorite candies, a bag of Kit Kats, and a bag of gummy Life Savers. I am hoping that the Life Savers will be left over, because I am much less tempted to eat them as quickly as the other two kinds. In the interest of truth in blogging I have already eaten a peanut butter cup, and yes, it was delicious.

How do you pick the candy you give out at Halloween and what are your choices for this year?

As ever thanks for visiting and take good care of yourself.
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