Friday, August 2, 2013

(Not Too) Random Five Friday

Thanks to my friend, Nancy, at A Rural Journal, I'm joining the fun at Random Five Friday.

1. I'm lucky Nancy posts Random Five because I've had virtually no blog interest since I got back from BlogHer 13. I have a long list of follow up email I'd like/need to do and I'm not very quickly working through it. I didn't post yesterday and I've barely visited any blogs. In theory I'm an eager blogger, but in reality for the last day I'd rather play games on my phone.

2. I am happy to report that I attended two exercise classes this week. This morning's class had a lot of dance in it and I was totally lost ten minutes into the class. I was always on the opposite foot from our instructor and my arms never seemed to be moving in the right direction. I had trouble learning shuffle-ball -change in first grade tap class, and fifty plus years haven't changed much. I am also happy to report that I wasn't injured, nor did I injure any of my classmates.

3. I did get to the Library yesterday for my volunteer job and I got to participate in a fabulous fundraiser for a wonderful cause, Look Good...Feel Better. This great group provides services to people with cancer to help combat the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. There are programs all over the world -- the program in France is called Belle et Bien -- and it's positive and upbeat at a very difficult time.

 4. I signed up to meet with the Beauty Editor of Elle Magazine, and yes, it was as much fun as I expected, or possibly more fun. Emily -- I feel we're on a first name basis -- was funny, nice, interesting and had some excellent skin care advice.

5. The event was held at Saks Fifth Avenue and a number of magazines were paired with skincare and makeup companies. Elle was at the LaMer counter and I was delighted. LaMer is an amazing line of skincare and the gift they gave to participants was a fabulous tube of body lotion. It feels so good and the aroma makes me feel I'm on a fabulous exotic beach getaway. 

The LaMer counter

As ever, greetings from New York City on a perfect summer's day. Hope your day holds lots of fun things for you, too!

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