Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's May, It's May!

Any May babies in Buttercupland?

I say it's May with some surprise and shock. I was so focused on April and the A to Z Blogging challenge that I looked at the calendar this morning and couldn't believe that it was actually May. May, the most glorious month of the spring. May, the month when the summer season begins with Memorial Day. May, when I retire. I am completely overwhelmed by the thought and not very prepared for blogging. I started compiling an alphabetical list in March for the Challenge, and stuck to most of it. I don't have one idea for May. Well, maybe a few ideas...

Look forward to a book review, or two. There will be a couple or three posts about retirement, "the Big R," and I foresee a return to Pink Saturday. Today we salute citizens of Buttercupland that are May babies. Happy birthday, emerald girls. 

My status...The weather in New York is glorious, and I wish I could ship it to my friends in the Midwest and Mountain states that are still wearing snow boots. The days at work are flying by. I'm still working, but I also seem to be spending time with friends and winding down. May is going to go very quickly!

Sweet Thursday Wishes!


Melinda said...

Happy May.

Come by, don't be such a
stranger. :)

M :)

Nellie said...

Happy May Day, Buttercup! April fairly flew by! Now I expect May will do the same!

Maggid said...

Happy May! Retire? Do you have fantastic plans???
Love & Love,

martinealison said...

Tous mes voeux à vous également ma chère !
Gros bisous


HAPPY MAY. I'm an emerald girl. ENJOY this nice weather. You never know when it might change.

Jacquelineand.... said...

Happy May to you as well! The big R day is coming along soon isn't it.

We are having wonderful weather as well, I just hope people have a chance to recover from the flooding along the Wabash.

Anonymous said...

Exciting time for you. Happy to hear you are enjoying spring time weather. 8 members of my family have 8 birthdays. I keep the card shop in business in May!

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

May you have a wonderful May!

Ms Sparrow said...

The emerald is the only gemstone I really admire. Emerald green is the ultimate in "green-ness"!

Another Clean Slate said...

Happy May! It is beautiful here in Boston too!

Tara Tyler said...

i need to go back thru your ny posts, but these last few were fun!
seeing a movie in progress! the new trade bldgs. zabars

glad i met ya thru a to z!

winslow said...

my first comment!

greetings to you, my deal little buttercup
May took me by surprise too. But glad it is finally here.
Pink dogwood in bloom for pink saturday.


Theresa said...

Oh it is going to be a MARVELOUS May:) Hugs to you dear friends, ENJOY!

Lynda said...

This month is going to FLY by. There will be things you want to accomplish before leaving work and there just won't seem to be time. I pray they give you a good appreciation time before you leave.