Friday, May 24, 2013

At This Time Next Week...

...Seven Days and not quite 168 hours I will officially be a retiree. I got off the bus tonight and as I was crossing the street I thought, "At this time next Friday I will be retired." I can't say I've just been going through the motions. I've been to meetings, worked on a major project -- which will be nowhere near where it should be, but I've done my part pushing it along -- and have just about cleaned out my office and files. I've left time on Sunday and Monday to go into the office and get things done. I've got to wrap up my snow globe collection...

...clean out two more drawers and write a number of email notes. I know I can probably get it all done later in the week, but I'm feeling a need to be organized and not think about filing, shredding and sorting things I need to take home. I think I can get everything I want to do completed on Sunday and then I can really relax and enjoy spending time with my friends at work next week.

One of my colleagues reached out to a friend about a long-term volunteer idea for me and I've been quite tickled at the thought. It's very preliminary, but I love the idea. He remembered some of the conversations we've had over the years -- we've worked together since I started my job nineteen years ago -- and it's his goodbye gift to me. I will reach out to his friend over the weekend and hope to set up a meeting for the beginning of June. It's too soon to be more detailed, but it's a wonderful place, and incorporates a number of my interests. I will keep you posted. I have an orientation for another volunteer opportunity on June 10 and will report back after after that program. I've taken Susie's good advice to not waste a minute of retirement and I am moving ahead with plans.

Today was rainy and dreary and tomorrow doesn't look too much better. Happily I have a theater ticket and will stay warm and dry inside Lincoln Center. I also have a fun Pink Saturday post, so please come and visit.

Wishes for a Wonderful Weekend!
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