Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not Surprisingly, Z is for Zabar's

With just a few minutes to spare I am finishing the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I was discussing the challenge and my choice for a theme with a friend and she said, "I guess you'll do Zabar's for Z." Without question!

  It's hard to get a picture of Zabar's without lots of people in front of the store. 

Zabar's is my first stop when I'm having people over. To describe it as a grocery, simply doesn't do it justice, and saying it's a "gourmet" market makes it sound unapproachable. It is very gourmet in quality, yet very approachable. They have a fabulous cheese department, great smoked fish, terrific strudel -- at least six flavors -- coffee, great bread and desserts, the advertised olive bar and the list of goodies goes on and on. It's less than half a mile from my apartment and I've been there so many times in the twenty-two years I've lived in the neighborhood that I could draw a floor plan from memory. It's not a big store, but there's everything I'd ever want to eat and it's all delicious. The second floor has home appliances and it's a great place for browsing. 

 A closeup of some of the posters in the windows

It's one of the favorite places to visit with friends who are visiting New York. Some dried fruit or olive oil -- an amazing selection -- or coffee always becomes part of the souvenirs from the trip. There's a great coffee bar next to the food store, perfect for a croissant and an espresso. It's always crowded on weekends, but once I'm retired -- just a month away -- one of my first treats will be a mid-morning visit to Zabar's.

Twenty five minutes to spare, and I've just completed A to Z. Thanks, friends, for being part of this tour of New York City, from great and famous places to the fruit cart on my corner. I am so fortunate to have been able to visit so many interesting places and to share them with such terrific people all over the world. I am especially grateful for the many bloggers I've met through the Challenge. 

Wishes for a Wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Y Not Have Some Fun?

I've loved this challenge, but I am getting stumped with some of these tricky end of the alphabet letters. I went a little goofy with "X" and now I'm a little goofier with "Y,"  though I have a very sensible "Z" for tomorrow.

I was walking up Broadway a few days after our visit to "Kinky Boots" when I saw the great decor in "Ricky's" windows. Ricky's is an upscale cosmetic store a block from my apartment and one of the most fun places for browsing. There are lots of things I don't really need, but would be so much fun to have. There in the windows were kinky boots, high heeled and highly decorated. They are also running a contest to win tickets, and you know my name is there. I'd love to see the show again!

Y not have some fun! What are some of the things you like to do for fun? You know my fun things...a good book, strolling through New York City and enjoying the scenery, having an iced coffee with a friend.

Wishes for a Z-licious Tuesday!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

An X-Traordinarily Beautiful Spring Day in New York City

I admit it..."X" had me stumped. Either on Broadway or off Broadway, I couldn't think of anything to write about. So, please pardon my literary license and enjoy a few beautiful pictures of spring flowers, far off Broadway. I ventured to the East side today to have lunch with a friend and visit Coldwater Creek. We had a fun lunch and I've now got some spiffy new summer clothes. Maybe it was the lilt in my step -- it was an absolutely gorgeous day -- that went to my spirits, but I bought a pair of pink pants. Pretty wild for me, but I couldn't buy one more pair of navy or black pants, and they are cute!

Our featured blogger for today is Vikki, who is also part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. She has a terrific literary theme and I've enjoyed visiting her blog. Readers and writers, please stop by and say hello.

Wishes for an X-Traordinary Monday!


World Trade Center Redux

One block off Broadway...

The cranes, the rebuilding and from the ashes, new buildings on the World Trade Center site. Yes, it's almost twelve years and the scars are still painful, but buildings rise and our life in New York continues.  

This picture is taken from Broadway. 

The steeple of St. Paul's Chapel to the right, and the flag of the Episcopal Church, center.

It seemed we would never get to this point, but we have, thanks to many people's efforts. The buildings rise!

Wishes for a Wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Vehicle Doesn't Always Have Four Wheels

I had my post all prepared for "V." I was going to write about the vehicles of Broadway, buses, taxis and I even had a photo of an ambulance. But I found a movie shoot and I realized all vehicles don't have four wheels. In this case "V" is for vehicle, which, to quote Merriam-Webster, is something displays a performer's talent. On my way to work on Thursday I came upon filming for "Draft Day," which is directed by Ivan Reitman, who also directed one of my favorite movies, "Ghost Busters."

The chair on the right is Mr. Reitman's

This was the scene as I crossed the street to buy my coffee -- my regular coffee cart -- is on the far right of the picture.

Often the sidewalk is roped off during filming, but not for "Draft Day."

The film stars Kevin Costner Jennifer Garner and Chadwick Boseman, who is also in "42." I'm hoping to see "42," which is the story of Jackie Robinson tomorrow. 

Actual filming! One of the crew told me I was directly in front of the camera, but I hadn't noticed. I was too absorbed in taking pictures. Couldn't miss this opportunity. 

Busy, busy work week. I know I can slow down, but there's still a lot going on and I'm still there. I'm off to do errands on this beautiful spring day. I'm going to finish this blogging challenge -- so close! --and I'll be back to post "W" tonight. 

Wishes for a Wonderful Saturday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Welcome to the Upper West Side

  Yes, that's the bottom half of my reflection in the glass. 

The Upper West Side is the stretch of Manhattan from 59th Street to 110th Street. The line at the northern end is blurry and some folks may stretch the neighborhood to 125th Street. It's elastic and it's an easy stretch. I live just about in the middle of this neighborhood and my life easily goes up and down Broadway. I think of the neighborhood as stores and restaurants and dry cleaners...

 A favorite restaurant a few blocks from my house

But it's also the neighborhood of Lincoln Center, the American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University. At the northern end you will also find Barnard College, Union Theological Seminary and Jewish Theological Seminary. The southern end is the site of Fordham University's Law School and Manhattan campus. I've omitted several other museums, two hospitals and a host of interesting places, all just a few miles away at most. I once thought of moving to a college town, but soon realized I lived as close to campuses as I would in Amherst or Chapel Hill. 

 This is a favorite block, with a fruit and vegetable market I enjoy shopping at, dry cleaner, drug store, pizza restaurant, a shoe store and the future home of a juice bar. 

Broadway is a wide street, with trees in the middle median. At this time of year there are also beautiful tulips. 

I hope you've enjoyed our tour of my neighborhood. I'm a little behind in the alphabet, but will do V -- have a great post for V -- tomorrow, and skip the Sunday blogging break to keep on track and finish the Blogging from A to Z Challenge on schedule on Tuesday. I am so glad so many blog buddies have been sharing my adventures on Broadway. It's a lot more fun to sight-see with friends!

Wishes for a  Very Wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Crossroads of the World

I couldn't imagine "T" not being for Times Square.  

This is the quintessential New York City and the quintessential Broadway that comes to mind immediately. It's bright lights and big city, and it's less than three miles from where I live. 

 The first electrified sign was put up in 1904 at the corner of West 46th Street and Broadway. 

In 1904 the New York Times moved its headquarters to Broadway and West 42nd Street. The site known as Longacre Square was renamed Times Square. The Times has moved from the site -- several times -- but the name remains.

Before dark...

...and after dark, lit up for the night. This is the sight we see every New Year's Eve, when we watch the ball "drop." One of my favorite memories is attending a New Year's Eve party in the early 1980's at an office at West 43rd Street and Broadway, a block from Times Square. We had the best view imaginable. Now I stay out of the crowds and celebrate in my neighborhood, a couple of miles to the north.  

Our featured blogger for today is Francene. Francene is also part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and has a great theme, the reflection of British wildflowers in emotion. Please stop by and say hello. 

Tomorrow we're back to my neighborhood for a walk on the Upper West Side. I hope you'll join me!

Wishes for an Utterly Lovely Wednesday!   

Stage Door Buttercup, Once Again

 A very good time was had at "Kinky Boots." Actually a great time! Music by Cyndi Lauper, great dancing and a (Spoiler Alert!) happy-ever-after ending.

 Lonni, my fifth grade friend, Rusty, the Associate Choreographer of the show, and Sue, our high school friend and the organizer of this fun theater party. 

Buttercup, Lonni and Sue backstage! We met Rusty at the stage door after the show and took photos on stage. I got the memo about wearing a red coat, but missed the section on wearing a black and white shirt. 

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have friends of such long-standing. I feel even more fortunate that we can have such a great time together and that we'll travel hundreds of miles to spend time together. Next stop...Buttercup meets Sue at DisneyWorld. A year for kinky boots and mouse ears! 

Wishes for a Terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Big "R"

This is a somewhat different post from our tour up and down Broadway, but I've been waiting for "R" to share my big news. As of the end of May I will be retiring from my job of nineteen plus years with our city agency that runs the New York City mass transit system. I thought I would be leaving with unmitigated joy, but it's a sweet feeling mixed with some sadness for the people I won't be seeing on a daily basis. I've had great colleagues and I will miss them very much.

Whenever I tell anyone my news, the inevitable question is, "What will you do?" I think my blog buddies know the first answer to that question, which is blog more often. Blogging is at the top of my list and I am looking forward to much more frequent commenting. I hope to take a study class offered by my synagogue, learn to crochet and volunteer with a local arts center. I also hope to put in a good faith effort to write a mystery novel. I've talked about this last for years and this is my opportunity to do it. There's a trip to BlogHer this summer and the St. Lawrence, and in the not too far distance a trip to England.

As Robert Browning wrote, "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be, the last of days for which the first were made." Thanks for being with me on this journey. I am so grateful for your company. The best is yet to be.

Wishes for a Scrumptious Monday! 

Q Is For...

The Q Train, which is also the Broadway Express!

Though in my world Q is also Queens Plaza, where I often change trains between Manhattan and Queens, or simply, Queens, the borough in which I work. Queens is where New York City's two airports are located, as well as the Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium and Shea Stadium, where the Mets play baseball. Shea Stadium was actually renamed CitiField a few years ago, but I am fervently sticking with Shea Stadium. 

Queens is also the borough where our office moved almost eight years ago, breaking my heart. I loved our location in Lower Manhattan, with the daily view of the Statue of Liberty, the walk past Trinity Church and the easy commute. But I did gain the opportunity to learn the New York City subway system in tremendous detail. I'm not sure I'd ridden the "Q" train more than a handful of times before the move, and I've now ridden the "Q" and the "R" and the "N," which also go very close to my office a combined total of almost 2,000 trips. The commute to and from work is longer, but I almost always get a seat for the trip to Queens and when I am on the "Q" and the "N", which are elevated trains, there is a great view of Manhattan. I won't miss this commute, but that's a post for another day. 

I am happy that I am still doing the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I am a day late for Q, and will be a day late for R, but I spent last night -- my time to blog -- watching the news on television. I am thankful that Watertown can return to a more normal life, but so saddened by the death of Officer Sean Collier and the wounding of Officer Richard Donohue, Jr. My prayers are still with the people of Boston.

My friends are in town this weekend, and we will see "Kinky Boots" tomorrow afternoon. We're not quite at "S" yet, but we had a very sunny day today and I send everyone...

Wishes for a Sunny Sunday!

Friday, April 19, 2013

At the Corner of Pine Street and Broadway

Two nights ago I was happily riding the subway home. When we arrived at Wall Street there was an announcement that the train was turning around and everyone needed to deboard and wait for the next train. The subway platform at Wall Street was very crowded. I had no idea why there was a disruption, but I invoked my primary rule of riding the subway -- when there is a disruption and I am uncomfortable, I get out of the train. This was the day after the Boston Marathon Bombings, and I had some anxiety about riding the subway.

The evening was lovely and I was happy to be walking in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Lower Manhattan along Broadway. I noticed the sign for Pine Street and just started snapping pictures.

 I looked across the street and realized I was at the immensely historic Trinity Church Cemetery. The Cemetery was first opened in 1697 and includes the graves of Alexander Hamilton and Robert Fulton, among many other notables. I often walked past this site when I worked in the neighborhood and marveled at this gem of history in the middle of the most urban setting possible. The American Stock Exchange is in the background and the World Trade Center was only three blocks away.

This picture shows some of the earliest markers in the cemetery. It is very hard to read the carving on them. Trinity Church is to the left in this picture. Presently it is covered in scaffolding and it is difficult to get a good picture.  
Our featured blogger of the day is Wayne, whose blog is "Random Stream of Consciousness." Wayne is also part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and is a musician, as well as fiction writer. I've enjoyed my visits to Wayne's blog, and am glad we met through the Challenge. 

Please join me for Q and a trip on the subway. We'll have no delays or service interruptions!

Wishes for a Perfectly great Friday!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Hundred and Third Street

Not quite a mile from my apartment building is the childhood home of one of my favorite actors, Humphrey Bogart. Bogie lived there from his birth in 1899 until 1923. I noted on the website that there will be the first Humphrey Bogart film festival next month in Key Largo -- the perfect place -- next month.  

Unfortunately the plaque in the upper left section of the photo was not very clear in close-up pictures that I took. The house is half a block off Broadway. It's easy to walk by the building and not notice that the hero of "Casablanca" had lived there for many years. I first noticed the street sign and was led down the street to look for the house.

"Casablanca" is my favorite Humphrey Bogart film, and one of my all-time favorite movies. I'm not sure how many times I've seen it, but it's easily more than a dozen times. I'm sure there are some "Casablanca" fans in Buttercupland, but are there other Bogart films that are your favorites? I'm also a tremendous fan of "The Maltese Falcon," "The African Queen," and "Sabrina." I think it may be time for a Bogie film festival in New York City. So many great movies I'd like to see again.

Our featured blogger for today is Cynthia, who is also a participant in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Cynthia is writer who lives in Mumbai. Her blog, "A Few Drops of Ink," looks great and I look forward to getting to know her better. Thanks, Cynthia, for visiting.

I also want to give a shout-out to The Oyster Bar. This iconic oyster bar and fish restaurant in Grand Central Station turns 100 this week and the big birthday celebration is Friday. Happy Birthday, Oyster Bar!

Please stop by tomorrow. We're going to Pine Street and Broadway.

Wishes for an Outstanding Wednesday!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Read the News Today...

Tonight "N" is for Boston...I had another post planned for tomorrow, but my heart, thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Boston. I wish with all my heart that I could say I don't understand their feelings, but sadly I do understand when the city you live in and love has been attacked. I understand too well when you no longer feel safe in your city. There will be a "new normal," but you never return to the place you were before the moment your world changed.

I spent a wonderful weekend in Boston four years ago. These pictures were taken on a beautiful August day and I enjoyed sight-seeing in the Copley Square area, a very different Copley Square than we saw today.  

Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa...

"M" is for Mural and for Mona Lisa. Lee's Art Shop -- one of my all-time favorite stores -- is just half a block off Broadway. I often walk past here when I take the subway to Midtown and then walk over to the bus for my final part of my commute home. Though the sign calls the store "The Art Shop of the Stars," it has many other wonderful treasures. They have a fabulous assortment of Christmas ornaments, home decor and even some jewelry. I bought a bright pink case for my kindle there, and often there is something in the window that draws me in to look further. I always enjoy looking up at Mona. I feel I can be familiar with her. We've been smiling at each other for years.

The featured blogger for today is Sylvia Ney. Sylvia is the newest Citizen of Buttercupland and is also a participant in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I know I will enjoy getting to know her and reading her blog. 

Wishes for a Magical Monday!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lower Manhattan, the Place Where New York Began

Lower Manhattan, taken from the Staten Island Ferry

I had the pleasure of working in Lower Manhattan for over a decade. I worked at the tip of Manhattan -- very close to this scene -- for almost six years, before our office moved to Queens in 2005. I still miss this view every day. For years I got to see the sunset over the Statue of Liberty, and the sight never got old or stale. There were some very rough days after September 11, but the neighborhood has flourished and has recovered, too, from the damage from Hurricane Sandy.  

Our featured blogger of the day is my blog buddy, Terra. She is a talented writer and her blog is delight to visit. I'm going to make a pitch for the terrific book on motherhood that she co-wrote. It's a perfect gift for Mother's Day. You'll find the details on her blog. 

I'm raring to go with the blog challenge and get my posts on the same day as everyone else again. I've got a fun "M," and though it's only half a block off Broadway it's got a connection to the Louvre. Any guesses?

Wishes for a Magical Monday!  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kinky Boots

Our evening in Times Square wouldn't be complete without a visit to the theater. My choice for today -- yes, I am a letter behind -- and for the letter "K" is the new musical, "Kinky Boots." One, it begins with K and two, next weekend I will be seeing it. I don't generally get tickets for new musicals, but my friend, Sue has been eager to see it. She will be visiting from Florida and our friend, Lonni, will join us from Connecticut for a girlfriend weekend in New York City. One of Sue's friends is the assistant choreographer and we will meet him after the show at the stage door. Stage Door Buttercup is pretty excited at the thought.

The musical is based on the movie of the same name, which I enjoyed a lot. I am sure this will be a fun and lively theater afternoon. Yes, we're going to the matinee. I've come to love matinees and and find it's my most wide awake time of day.

We're really in springtime here. The sun was glorious today and it was warm enough for a spring jacket. Tulips are blooming and I think I can put my gloves away until the fall. My Bible study group met today and we began our study of Ecclesiastes. We go very slowly through the text and we only made it through the first nine verses. But our conversation was thoughtful, interesting and as with the best study and discussion gave me lots to think about.

Our featured blogger for today is Crystal Collier. Crystal is the newest citizen of Buttercupland and writes a very interesting blog. I am looking forward to getting to know her.

I'm a little stumped finding my wish for today. Somehow, have a kinetic Sunday wasn't quite right, so I am skipping ahead to "L."

Have a Lovely Sunday!

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Snack Time on Broadway

We had a night on the town visiting the I Love New York Gift Shop last night. But a night out isn't much fun without a snack. For something healthy -- and delicious -- we're stopping at Jamba Juice. I know it's not unique to New York, but it's a sweet stop, and two "J's." I am a tremendous smoothie fan and often make smoothies for breakfast. My favorite is frozen pineapple, a banana and coconut yogurt. Yes, I almost fool myself into thinking I've got a pina colada. Any other smoothie fans in Buttercupland?

We're going to make one more stop down the block and visit the home of one of my favorite candies.

A stop at the M and M store! Plain, peanut or almond? I'd like some of each. 

Yes, I'm slightly off schedule for Blogging from A to Z, but I'll be back tonight with "K" and with a featured blogger. 

Wishes for a Joyful Friday! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Love New York

I am delighted to report that I was able to download my last batch of pictures and I've got photos for I and J. I was starting to get a little anxious this afternoon about what I would do if I couldn't download them. I had a backup plan of posting a picture of a Mr. Softy truck and calling it "Ice Cream," or going over to the Battleship Intrepid -- very out of the way -- on my way home.

Saturday night I was in the Times Square area and took a number of pictures of the sights. I was pleased to find I Love New York Gifts to illustrate I. J and K will be from the same neighborhood and they give a picture of the liveliness of Times Square on a spring Saturday night. In 1979 I worked two blocks away from this address. The neighborhood was at best, seedy, and not especially safe. The change over the years has been great and it's good to feel safe and comfortable in the center of Manhattan.

Today's featured blogger is Nellie at "Berries and More." I've enjoyed getting to know Nellie and visit Tennessee through her blog.

Wishes for an Interesting Thursday!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Very Favorite "H"

I had a candy sweet post planned for H. But after spending a good part of this evening trying to download pictures and failing, I'm going to go far off Broadway for H. So far off Broadway that we're going to New England for my very favorite "H."

I absolutely love this picture with my cousin, Hillary. She is sweet, smart, beautiful and I am so delighted that we are family. This was taken last month at her aunt/my cousin's 50th birthday celebration. Happily there were lots of pictures on Facebook. My pictures are still on my little blue camera, which is in the process of coming home to me. I promise to take very good care of it! I hope you don't mind this little digression from New York City life. I know I've enjoyed it.

Today's featured blogger is Kathy Collier, who I've met through Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I'm really enjoying reading Kathy's blog. Her post today is a lovely tribute to her husband.

Wishes for a Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Gratitude, with a Capital G

I had a topic all set for "G." It's a classic New York landmark, and one so obvious that when I mentioned that the letter for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge was "G" a colleague said, "Are you doing Grand Central Station?" Yes, I have pictures and we will celebrate the 100th birthday of Grand Central Station at the end of this post. But first I want to recount some thoughts that came to me as I was walking on Broadway tonight. The first thought of this post is "G" for Gratitude, with a capital "G."

I'm so very grateful that I can write the words, "...walking on Broadway tonight." Some of you know the story of my illness last year and cheered me on through the surgery and my recovery. To all of you, my gratitude, too. But for those who are newer blog friends, at this time last year I began to lose the ability to walk. In May I was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor and underwent surgery in June. I am grateful for a quick diagnosis, my wonderful neurosurgeon and all the medical professionals and loved ones who aided my recovery. I'm not exactly where I was before, but just to walk home with minimal pain and no limp is a gift of great magnitude and for me, tonight, G is for Gratitude with a capital G.

Now on to the previously scheduled post, Happy Birthday, Grand Central Station!

Grand Central celebrated its 100th birthday this spring and I only hope I look so terrific at 100! The Terminal was completely renovated in 1998 and the look is fabulous. The link has a great history of the station and is definitely worth looking at. I am often one of the tens of thousands of people traveling through Grand Central as part of their day.

This photograph gives some of the beautiful ceiling detail. 

I love this picture. Obviously I wasn't the only person snapping pictures of the station. 

The featured blogger for today is Carol, at "My Name was Anna". Carol is a new blogger, with a wonderful writing voice. I have really enjoyed reading her blog and look forward to getting to know to know her. 

Please stop by tomorrow, chocolate fans. I've got a really sweet post for "H." 

Wishes for a Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Spring!

I think we've turned the corner into spring. It was in the 50s today and a little nippy, but tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and I will be surprised to see snow again until next winter.

I'm back to the Blogging A to Z Challenge tomorrow. We're going off Broadway for a landmark "G" and I am happy to inform all that I've found H, I and J. I was beginning to get worried, especially about I.

I'm still having problems with Pinterest and I am at a loss how to solve them. I can show favorites on Facebook, but cannot embed them on the blog. This is the new updated Pinterest, but I would happily return to the old Pinterest, which was such a pleasure for me. Has anyone solved the Pinterest blog problem after updating?

I had a fun day with my friend Mary and her visitor, Pat. We had lunch together, did some walking and shopping. The latter was almost entirely window shopping, so it was also an economical afternoon.

Have a Great Monday! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Flowers, Fruit and Free Delivery

I've been giving the challenge a lot of thought. I haven't written -- or planned -- all of my posts, but I've been on the lookout for images and places that would work. I'm still at a big loss for I and J, and X is going to be tough, but I'm working on them. Sometimes I come up with a few items for a letter and today I've got three. They are very local, but I thought you'd enjoy images I see every day.

This is the sidewalk at 85th Street and Broadway. I think they have the nicest flower selection in the neighborhood. A few years ago there was a fruit market on every other block. but as renting space became more expensive they have been replaced in many cases by national chain stores. This store moved to this site after their former space became a Victoria's Secret. This is not a commentary on changing urban landscapes -- though this is the neighborhood of "You've Got Mail "--  but I do like the little local stores.

Jumping the order of the title we'll go around the corner at the same store. I was looking for images for "F" and found the Free Delivery sign.  Free delivery is a cornerstone of the neighborhood. Almost every restaurant and food market has a delivery service. I rarely have food delivered and generally pick up what I need when I'm walking home from work, but it's great to know it's available.

Fruit and veggies

This is the fruit stand on the nearest corner of Broadway to my apartment building. Last night I came home with a perfect little mango, mushrooms and a melon. Prices are good, quality is good and they're there most of the time. They set up the stand about five years ago and it's become a fixture in the neighborhood.  

Our featured blogger for today is my newest follower and a Fabulous photographer A Month of...Blog, who's also part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

I hope you've enjoyed our walk around Broadway. It's still a little nippy today, but tomorrow promises seventy degrees. I appreciate all the good wishes on your yesterday's post. I'm feeling better rested and even got to a little closet cleaning this afternoon.  

Wishes for a Fantastic Saturday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Echo

I'm not sure what was in my mind when I signed up to blog six days a week. Generally by Friday night the only thing I am ready to do is watch a few episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress, and fall asleep." I rarely post, and still more rarely visit my blog buddies. But I signed up and am truly enjoying being part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, but my friends, I am one tired Buttercup tonight. I do have a post and photographs I adore, but visits will have to wait for tomorrow and I'll resume posting a featured blogger tomorrow, too.

We're going a few blocks off Broadway for "E."A few weeks ago I had a great visit to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. I was especially taken with the table settings and there were two designers that really caught my attention. I thought this one by Echo Design completely captured spring. I remember Echo from my high school days and the beautiful scarves they made, but looking at their website I found they'd widened their scope and had wonderful table items.

  I love botanical prints and these are as lovely as any I've seen. 

I'm saving the other designer I liked for another letter in the alphabet. They have a shop in Lower Manhattan and I'm hoping to make a visit there later this month. 

This is my Elegant Friday and I'll be back for a Fabulous Saturday. I hope your Saturday is Fabulous, too!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Actually this post has nothing to do with baseball. I'd written a "D" post and was all set to go with it. But last night I saw Debbie Reynolds and couldn't not share it here. So there are two "D" topics for today. Debbie was a good mile off-Broadway, the second topic returns us to Broadway.  

I'm also a good mile from the stage -- from my spot in the balcony -- and the figure in the black pants outfit is Debbie Reynolds. I promise it is! She was funny, quirky and still so adorable. Not surprisingly, it was a lot of fun and I put seeing "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" near the top of my to-do list.

My original thought for today was "Dog Day Afternoon." We love our pooches on the Upper West Side and it's a rare walk outside my apartment building when I don't see dogs being walked. This morning, on my three block walk to the subway, I counted six dogs being walked.

I like both of these pictures. They're not extraordinary pictures, but they are so typical of a Saturday afternoon in my neighborhood. People are going into one of the local coffee shops, walking their dogs or doing errands and carrying their purchases home. 

I'm really enjoying Blogging from A to Z Challenge and I've met some of the nicest new blog buddies. I feel like I'm at a fun party, where everyone is friendly and I am so lucky to have been invited. My featured blogger of the day is a dear blogger friend, who is also blogging from A to Z. Please stop by and visit sweet Lura. I know you will have a wonderful visit. 

I hope you had a Delightful Thursday and have a perfectly Elegant Friday.