Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To New Orleans and the Gulf

The first time I visited New Orleans was in the winter of 1973. I was a graduate student at Vanderbilt and I joined three friends for a trip to Mardi Gras. We had very little money, but we had the best time. We drove into New Orleans about six o'clock in the morning. The fog was lifting and I felt I'd entered a magical place. I ate dinner with these friends a number of times in the two more years I lived in Nashville and each time we ate together we made a toast. The toast was always "To New Orleans and the Gulf."

Exactly one year today New York City was beginning to recover from the damage from Hurricane Irene.
Though upstate New York wasn't lucky, New York City escaped relatively unscathed. For the most part we had winds and rain and downed branches. This picture was taken a block from my house in Riverside Park.

Hurricane Isaac is about to make landfall in the next few hours. My hope and prayer is that New Orleans and all the communities along the Gulf escape the ravages of wind and flooding and that the photos we see show less devastation than the one above. To New Orleans and the Gulf!
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