Thursday, August 2, 2012

Live from New York It's BlogHer '12!

I had forgotten the whirlwind of people and activities that make up BlogHer, but it's been an amazing whirl for just the first day. The main conference began late this afternoon with a live video feed from President Obama. Like BlogHer, Buttercupland is non-partisan. It's very rare that I write about anything that is vaguely political, and I intend, with rare exception to keep it that way. But I wanted to mention this beginning to the conference. Both President Obama and Governor Romney were invited to participate and Governor Romney was unable to do so. He is expected to be in contact with BlogHer and I will definitely share the link with all of you in Buttercupland.

Sadly I got a large number of fuzzy pictures, including what might have been my favorite, Buttercup with the Smith Brothers of cough drop fame. I hope they are still there tomorrow, because I am hoping to retake my picture with them.

I did get my picture with Jamba Juice's Mr. Banana. 

There are some great sessions tomorrow, Katie Couric is speaking at lunch and I've got my interview about rosacea in the afternoon. And did I mention The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, will be at the Land O Lakes booth tomorrow afternoon? Definitely would like to meet her. 

I can't wait to see what other excitement and fun tomorrow brings!


Anonymous said...

What a great photo and I can't wait to hear about tomorrow!


YOU are going to see Ree and Katie. I am so excited for you. And just a tad bit jealous. LOL Enjoy.

Terra said...

Neat photos and this sounds like a fun venture.

We are: clamco said...

Looks like fun! I'm going to a local Blogcon next month. I can't wait!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are looking great there. Love the cute photo. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Maggid said...

Thank you for sharing your adventures.
Thank you for all your Joy.
Thank you for giving us quality
and giving us heart

Thank You!

Mimi said...

SO HAPPY to come along with you!Let me know where it is next year....and perhaps I could tag along for sure for real!!

Lynda said...

Katie Couric and Pioneer Woman are two of my favorites. You had great fun from the very beginning!