Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lesson from the Lorax

I've been looking at the picture of me and the Lorax, and my buddies, I am not happy with face I see. It's not age, there's just too much Buttercup. My days at BlogHer were wonderful, but also caloric. There were butter toffee cookies at Land O Lakes and delicious little sausage and biscuit sandwiches at Jimmy Dean. Food was everywhere and so tempting and did I fall to temptation!

About a month ago I received an email asking me to blog at Just Diet Now. I thought it would be a terrific way to be publicly accountable for losing weight and eating more healthy. I also have learned from this blog that I do well with projects when I am writing about them. The photo of me and the Lorax spurred me into action. I posted my first post, "Cute, Short and Chubby" on "Just Diet Now" a little while ago and it feels great.

I am concerned if I can handle two blogs on a regular basis. There are days where I feel I'm not keeping up here and visiting with my blog buddies. I am going to make every effort to be here as much as possible and blog at "Just Diet Now" at least once a week. The link to my post is in the paragraph above and I hope you will stop over and visit regularly. I need all the support and cheering I can get. My goal is a slimmer, trimmer Buttercup for BlogHer '13.
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