Monday, August 13, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

...In My Mind!

I love to travel and one of my fondest activities is going. It doesn't have to be far and exotic -- although I do enjoy far and exotic -- but it's tough to realize that this summer will pass and I am not going anywhere. I understand the reasons. The first,  my neurosurgeon has enjoined me from traveling for two more months. The second, I can barely sit for an hour and the third is that I am not supposed to lift anything over twenty pounds and that's pushing it. If I had access to a private plane... I so don't have access to a private plane or even first class, that I am smiling at the thought. 

I have decided to travel in my mind this week. I am going to return to a few of my favorite places and I hope you will enjoy the trip. I know I will. This evening let's settle in to our chairs and be off to Barcelona. 

The view from the Art Museum

The architect, Gaudi, worked in an extraordinary style. 

  We definitely need to stop for a snack at the Market... 

or a cup of coffee at a cafe. 

It's been a quick trip, but a fun visit. I love planning trips and I love going on trips, but it's equally sweet to savor and share the happy memories.  So happy that I had such good company on my return visit.

Wishes for a sweet Tuesday!
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